Colony 22’s Cranks (discontinued)

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Don't do it to yourself

The Good:

At the time, the price

The Bad:

VERY VERY stubborn to get off.
Very heavy but not really strong.
Splines wore down easily
Angled weird

Overall Review:

I bought these because I was wanting to build a new bike and at the time the OG Mike Brennan was on Colony. The moment I got them in the mail, he was gone. I knew it was a bad sign. I can't speak for their frames but these cranks aren't what you're looking for. I got them on and knew something was off. They were designed in a weird angle and made lining my driveline up impossible. When I tried to take them off to try and fix it, they refused to budge. I had to go to a deserted parking lot and beat them until they bent and finally came off. I left them in the parking lot. I wouldn't suggest these unless they're free and even than way your options.

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They're flatland specific, which might be why they were a little strange compared to normal cranks. Flatland shit is different than normal bmx shit now, also they refused to budge because 2 piece cranks are weird like that. I'd back off 2 piece cranks for balancing issues unless the crank and spindle is on the the drive side(that tends to be lighter than a separate crank and spindle)

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Product Colony 22’s Cranks
Riding Type Freestyle
Type 2 Piece
Crank Arm Construction Full Post Heat Treated Tubular CrMo
Crank Arm Materials CrMo
Crank Arm Length
  • 170mm
  • 175mm
Drive Left and right hand drive compatible
Spindle 22mm 48 spline spindle
Colors Gloss Black or Chrome
Weight 1 lb 11.1 oz (768 g)
Miscellaneous Super strong & super light 2 piece design.
Light weight 7075T6 alloy main bolt.
- 170mm (768g), 175mm (795g).
Price N/A
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