Props News Update: The ER Does Not Stop the Session

-Props' Stew Johnson is finishing up filming on the Etnies video so after 11 months Stew is actually going to be able to sleep. After Walter being on the road for 9 months straight filming for Props stew will be hitting the road again for Props trips. Walter's only home in 2006 is a giant white truck that has been dubbed obnoxious by some wealthy suburbanites.

-Roadies/security crew for the upcoming Fender Guitars BMX Rock n Roll Tour looks to accomplish nothing more than cracking open a cold one on the upcoming November tour. The crew consists of Leland Thurman, Big Dave From FBM, BMX Team manager legend Lou Caperelli, and Blackout sales manager Chris Reisenberger... Throwh Catfish and Crandall on the bus and we've got quite a mess on our hands...

-Be sure to check out this Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Greyscale, and The Snaketrap as well as 14 Top Riders on the Road Fools Rock-n-Roll Tour presented by Fender Guitars at the following stops:

November 3rd: 4 Seasons skatepark Milwaukee WI
November 4th: Scrap Skatepark Hoffman Estates, IL
November 5th: Ramp Riders St Louis, MO
November 8th: 6th Ave Skatepark Nashville, TN
November 10th: Autumn Ramp Park Joplin, MO
November 11th: Eisenbergs skatepark Dallas, TX

-Road Fools 15 will be shipping on Oct 3rd. This trip was amazing… Road Fools 15 hit the road and traveled across the Midwest including stops in Chicago, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Detroit, Cincinnati, Kokomo, and Ft Wayne. Lots of street on this trip...amazing riding went down and it did not even rain every day—we just went to the emergency room every day. It all worked out in the end, these guys are professionals. The ER does not stop the session. Bonus sections include: Bails, Day 0 (Scrap skatepark), Tattoos with Catfish and Crandall, bonus riding, and knuckle game.

Riders on Road Fools 15 include:
Will Love
Eric Holley
Stephen Lilly
Josh Harrington
Chase Hawk
Morgan Wade
Seth Kimbrough
Cameron Wood
Eddie Cleveland
Chester Blacksmith
Aaron Ross
Gary Young
Ryan Sher
Karl Poynter
Mike Aitken
Brandon Hoerres
Tony Cardona
Karl Poynter

-The Gary Young Props Interview is doomed. After Walter Drove from Seattle to Film Gary in native San Diego, the first trick they tried to film, poor Gary broke his Wrist. Mind you, we did the interview questions 1 year ago and were planning on redoing everything this year in Las Vegas at Interbike. Let’s shoot for 2008 guys.

-Props is finishing up production on 13 new episodes for FUEL TV. Look for the shows to air in early 2007 and include tons of sections from Props, Road Fools and Mega Tour. Hosted by Steve Crandall, after watching you'll have the urge to crack open a cold PBR.

-Props Mega Tour 6 is looking to hit the road in early spring and head to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Some of the teams on this tour are Team Woodward, Albes Mailorder, and Riff Raff BMX.

-Tobias Wicke has a full profile in an upcoming Props release. The entire interview was done in Germany so let’s hops our translations are ok. Tobias is amazing so I think the riding will speak for itself. Tobias will be on the upcoming Road Fools Rock-n-Roll Tour Presented by Fender Guitars.

-Props Issue #62 will be shipping in November and will include
        20 Bikes France road trip.
        Kink Demo Derby
        Credence Bike Company road trip
        Milwaukee Scene report walter has photo for front cove
        Rebel Jam Berlin, Germany
        FBM Ramen Noodle Bowl Jam Rochester, NY
        Liquer Bikes road trip

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