Cam White's Dirt Jam February 3

Mongoose dirt and street rider Cam White is putting together the mother of all Freestyle BMX Jams on February 3, and the event’s proceeds all go to charity.
The Jam starts at 4 p.m. on February 3 in Wamboin, Australia – 20 minutes from Canberra, Australia’s capital city. All proceeds made from the Hillside Jam’s BBQ and bike auction will be donated to Camp Quality, a charity to benefit children with cancer.
“I’ve been wanting to put together a big jam like this for a long time,” said White. “It’s been a big job, coordinating with the city, bringing in the dirt and the tools -- basically creating this thing from scratch. But it’s going to be a lot of fun and it will help kids that really need help.”
The BMX element consists of massive downhill jumps, fun lines and transfers built from 30 tons of dirt and a big deck roll-in. Think Red Bull’s Whistler contest but better.  Cam has personally built all of the jumps so they are guaranteed to be the best.
Not only will the biggest names in BMX be there – Guettler, Bohan, Dillewaard, McKay and the Vans America team, to name a few – the event will be publicized in by the majority of Action Sports media in Australia. BMX Press, BMX World and Fuel TV will be covering the non-stop action at the event. To keep the mood jumping, the event will also feature performances by live DJs and an Aussie hip hop band.
Interested? Better book that flight now, and shoot Cam an email at for more info on the event.

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