Big In Bavaria Dirt Contest

A massive dirt line and a high level BMX contest
during the BIKE EXPO on July 25th in Munich

Munich, March 26th 2009 – Germany will host a high-class BMX dirt jump contest called the “BIG IN BAVARIA”. 
The comp unites the world’s best BMX dirt jumpers during the BIKE EXPO, the brand new international bicycle trade show from July 23rd to 26th. As you can guess, hearing the title “BIG IN BAVARIA”, it’s not only about huge doubles and 20.000 Euros prize money, but also about the 25 invited big names like Cory Nastazio, James Foster, Luke Parslow, Ryan Guettler, Ryan Nyquist, Dave Dillewaard, Corey Bohan, Alejandro Caro or Cameron White.
Tarek Rasouli, managing partner of rasoulution, the agency which is in charge of the BIG IN BAVARIA, explains its concept: “Munich is well known worldwide for the Oktoberfest and the Hofbräuhaus. Some of the BMX pros have already been in Munich, riding the various spots and enjoying the Bavarian lifestyle. The BIKE EXPO is the new melting pot for the global bicycle industry and the perfect chance to get the world’s best pros all together. A perfect dirt line, 20.000 Euros overall prize money, a unique Bavarian flair, as well as thousands of spectators make the perfect framework for the athletes from all over the globe.“
To present a world class dirt line, the well experienced track builder and long term BMX pro Markus Hampl takes care of the course design: “The BIG IN BAVARIA gonna kick ass! I have 180 meters to build whatever I want to. So I made my decision for a big starting tower with a smooth step down. Six huge dirt doubles will follow, a part of this section will also feature two parallel lines – perfect for transfers. A step up - step down combo somewhere in between also offers some more diversity. I can promise you one thing for sure: there will be massive jumps giving you a lot of air time.”
The BIKE EXPO is open for consumers on Saturday and Sunday, July 25th and 26th, and offers a well-packed side program. The BIG IN BAVARIA dirt line is the center of the “Park and Ride Zone”, which features a bike test track for everybody, a mini ramp show, booths of the freshest dirt brands, food and beverage, as well as a big music stage. After the BIG IN BAVARIA BMX finals on Saturday evening, the visitors and riders will go off when they get to see the international music act. On Sunday, the world’s best mountain bike riders will battle for another 20.000 Euros prize money on the same dirt line. 
Make your way to the BIKE EXPO and see the bicycle industry’s latest news, get an autograph from the world’s best dirt riders and check their stunning tricks on the BIG IN BAVARIA jumps.
Take your chance to visit Munich. 
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