Allan Cooke on Discovery Channel’s “Stunt Junkies” January 15th

Monday, January 15th Allan Cooke will be on Discovery Channel doing his second show for the series called “Stunt Junkies”.  In his first appearance Allan ice picked a hovering helicopter!

A couple years back Allan and Colin Winkelmann built a ramp on the front of a go kart.  The idea was to see if you could jump a moving ramp while the rider was almost standing still instead of having to pedal towards a stationary ramp.  Go to the and look up the Team, BMX, Pros and you will see Colin’s page there.  Hit the link for videos and you can see how it all began.

Later after the go kart idea worked Colin and Nate Wessel stepped it up huge and built a ramp with landing on a full size van.  That stunt was a last minute deal for a contest held by Travis Pastrana and a video he was making.  Many of you have probably seen how that went down and it ended in a serious injury to Colin.

When Allan Cooke had the chance to do another stunt for Discovery Channel he brought in Nate Wesssel, Jeremy Fanberg and Mike Laird to help re-construct the ramp on the van.  To successfully complete the original stunt that Colin had in mind Allan has to back flip the van while it rams the launch ramp into him at a stand still!  

The entire show is a tribute to Colin Winkelmann and the talent he has on a BMX bike.  This is his stunt!  For Allan to be able to fulfill the vision that Colin had is a huge honor for all the riders involved.  Check out the show on Discovery Channel.

Monday Jan. 15 10:00 p.m.
Tuesday Jan. 16 2:00 a.m.
Friday Jan. 19 11:00 p.m.

Allan Cooke is currently supported by: DC Shoes, Bell Helmets, Boost Mobile, Fox Racing, and Specialized Bicycles

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