TJ Lavin Requiring Full Face Helmets in his Yard 14

[LINK TO IMAGE]TJ Lavin made a pretty big announcement via Twitter today - he is now requiring anyone riding his famous backyard dirt jumps to wear a full face helmet. Here's the official word - [LINK TO IMAGE]Fresh off a serious head injury himself, TJ is clearly looking out for the health of his friends and trying to set an example for riders around the world.

With riders like Cam White, Anthony Napolitan, and Cory Nastazio (among others) frequenting TJ's yard, will we start to regularly see full face helmets at dirt jumping contests? Only time will tell.
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 5/28/2011 12:25 PM

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Steps like these progress the sport in the best way. I out of no where started wearing a full face and to me seems to be where dirt jumping is going

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I wear a fullface all the time after smashing my face. The ONLY thing that blocks any kind of visibility is the visor, and those come right off, which I did. No problems at all with it. It took maybe a day of riding it to get used to it.

And if you think about it, it's already a standard in vert riding. Dirt riders are going probably just as high sometimes even higher doing huge tricks just like vert riders do.

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I think it is a good idea. More people with insane backyards should do this. BMX used to have a LOT more riders rocking the full face, then it just died out. It's pretty sad that kids would rather risk head injuries and death than wear a helmet, because they "look gay". Who cares what you look like? You will be able to ride again.

I miss the days where BMX wasn't a fashion show where what others thought about your stuff didn't matter...all that mattered then was that you rode a BMX bike. No one cared if it was from Walmart or Target. Nowadays you can't hardly rock a 600 dollar complete without some idiot bashing you for your setup. It's pathetic.

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i wouldn't mind betting a few helmet companies will start bringing out more well designed helmets in the way of visibility if this trend really picks up, its really only been racers that have a big market for it at the moment, an peripheral vision isn't a really a big issue, especially if your wearing goggles you cant see much either side of you so there's no need for it

edit. with the way the sport is progressing e.g triple backflips, the need for safety is becoming more an more important, dont be surprised if you see companies bringing out armors an what not

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Fuck ya Lavs, o more lettin the select few ride no helmets either! Ill see you in a couple weeks, bringin the full face, stoked on the sessions, I miss it!

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i respect that especially after what he went through but i think the main reason for me to wreck would be the full face helmet. they r bulky and block visibility so badly. it would definately be worth it to eventually get used to though

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