Shadow and Subrosa Welcome Niko Badet

Niko Badet joins Joris Coulomb in representing Shadow and Subrosa in France. Get their official word below.

"More big Subrosa news coming out of France today! First we introduced Sparkys France, then we announce the signature colorway of Subrosa pro rider Joris Coulomb, and today we’ve added Nicolas “Nico” Badet to the Subrosa flow team! Nico has been a big piece of the street riding movement in France, and is also a part of the infamous Marie Jade crew. We are really happy to have Nico join Joris Coulomb in representing Subrosa in France.

Nico is working on a welcome edit now, so stay tuned, and check out his new Subrosa Thunderbeast! Vive la France!" - Subrosa

"Shadow is stoked to announce the addition of Nicolas Badet to our Flow team. Nico has been a huge staple of the French BMX scene for years along with Shadow Pro rider and close friend Joris Coulomb. With his always creative, pegless, freecoaster style, Nico is a perfect fit with the rest of the family." - Shadow

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