Ryan Guettler Bike Check 10

PhotoHere's an inside look at Ryan Guettler's new Colony setup -

Frame: Colony Rebirth

Fork: Colony Dagger

Bars: Colony Dagger

Stem: Colony Offical

Grips: Edwin Animal

Barends: Colony

Headset: Colony

Seatpost: Colony
Seat: Colony FocalPoint
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2

Sprocket: Colony Offical

Chain: KMC Light

Brakes: Colony (with fly pads)
Cable: Odyssey

Brake Lever: Colony Transformer

Detangler: SNAFU

Front Tire: Its bad Kyle Boldock said I should try it he made out like it’s the lightest in the world but I hate it. It will be gone in a week.  Im calling it the KYLE TIRE

Front Wheel: Colony clone

Front Hub: Colony clone
Rear Tire: Khe street

Rear Wheel: Colony clone

Rear Hub: Colony clone

Pedals: Colony Fantastic (might be my fav part of the bike )
Pegs: Colony Oneway
Modifications/Other/Extras: It's amazing that 99% of my bike is COLONY. I run what I trust. I'm running a higher seat as of late because I want all my old barspin moves back. The new focal point seat is so rad (thanks Coops).  I'm also going with bigger bars; these Dagger bars are bigger then my old Official bars, but I'm digging them. The stem is still my fav colony part.

Thanks to Helensvale bmx for putting it together for me. Photo
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 12/31/2010 9:12 AM

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Dope ass bike just needs to lower the seat. Rackin nuts guettler huh

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