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BMX icon Dave Mirra has died of an apparent suicide. I'm at a complete loss for words and have nothing more to add other than our sincere thoughts are with his family. Dave changed our entire landscape and I can't even begin to express how much he was loved by the BMX world.

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts, you are encouraged to seek help through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by calling 1-800-273-TALK.

Some words from the BMX world on Dave's passing -

Good bye hero of heroes. Thank you so much for everything you ever did for me and others, you were a true inspiration. Ride in peace my friend. Love you ❤️ RIP.

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I'm here because of one man's inspiration. May that snowball of inspiration reach many forever. Legend. #DaveMirra #RIPbrother

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Rest In Peace Dave Mirra, can't believe the news, true legend and best to ever do it . @davemirra

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Thank you for everything you've done for BMX. I don't know if we were ready for you to leave just yet. Ride in Paradise. You will always be one of my biggest inspirations. #ripdavemirra #youfuckingseeit

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No words. We will miss you old friend!

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CANT BELIEVE IT. Dave mirra played such a massive role in my life. I spent countless hours playing the video game he made, got his dvd "sentenced to life" tattoo'd on my arm to remind myself to match the commitment to things that mirra did to BMX. Literally devastated. So lucky to of had the chance to Ride and party with Mirra. So lucky to of been in an era of BMX where mirra was the fuking man on the bike. Always will be and always has been a Fukin animal. RIP DUDE :( #bmxgod

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Can't believe this news. Total legend in anything he wanted to do. Rip Dave.

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Rest in Peace to Dave Mirra. You're truly a legend! Thank you for everything you've done. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. #BMX

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Thank you for everything Dave. Gonna miss you brotha. R.I.P.

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RIP Dave Mirra. Thank you for everything you did for BMX.

Rip @davemirra thank you for everything you have done, wouldn't be riding bmx if it wasn't for you. You will greatly be missed by everyone #ripdavemirra #legend #speechless

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So much god damn respect to this man. Thanks for doing what you did, thanks for everything. You picked up a bike and innovated to a level previously thought to be impossible. You inspired an entire generation. You caught the attention of people outside of the sport like no one has before and probably ever will. You were a great role model and many learned so much from you. Dave Mirra will go down as the best to have ever done it. It was a highlight of my life to meet you, thank you again.

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Wow, I don't really know what to say or how to feel. This is crazy. Rest in peace to the boss of all bosses. You're a legend Dave. ❤️

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The man changed what was possible on a bike, and he did it easily. Such an honor to have came up watching it. If you need help never be ashamed, scared, or too proud to ask. We all need it. There's people who would do anything to help. Thoughts go out to his family and closest friends. BMX loves and misses you already. #ripdavemirra

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#legend #thankyou @davemirra #bmx

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R.I.P. Dave Mirra. #bmx legend.

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Thank you Dave.

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So heartbroken right now,

I haven't been paying attention to my phone today but I just got a call that really made my heart ache. Dave Mirra was a major influence on my riding literally from the beginning. Dave you were the definition of a hero! You had unparalleled talent in every sport you touched, you were an amazing role model to millions, you were a true athlete, but above all that I was honored to call you a friend! You will always hold a special place in my heart and the heart of BMX as a whole. Such sad day for us all. Praying for Lauren and the girls in this hard hard time.

I’m so crushed by the news about Dave. I can not believe it. I don’t save many things. I saved this because Dave was in the photo. We were camp counselors at Woodward together and the kid in the photo sent me this pic after camp. I wish I had something more clever or meaningful to say. I am thinking about Mr Mirra and his family. I'm heartbroken to hear he's gone and stunned... in disbelief.

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The world lost a legend, a hero, an inspiration today. I will miss you @davemirra & so will a lot of people in this world. I hate that you were living in such pain that you felt you had no other choice but to take your own life. The Kagy family sends love and prayers to your family in hope they will find answers and peace. Thank you for inspiring me, pushing me further, and always setting the bar just a little higher. You showed us what was possible on a bike. Thank you #davemirra and I hope you are no longer in pain.

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Dave Mirra was a hero to me and everyone in BMX. This is such a sad day. He will be remembered forever as pushing riding and BMX to the world on a level higher than anyone believed possible. Rest in Peace Dave. - Ralph Sinisi

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After BMX and before Ironman's...this was somewhere in the middle of our first ever century. I didn't think I was going to make it, but Dave kept pushing me. He had an unimaginable drive and passion to accomplish anything he set his mind to. Thanks for everything.

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I first got to watch Dave Mirra ride at the 2 Hip King of Vert at Woodward East in 1989. He blazed a path for everyone since then. To this day, I will say he has the best style in vert. Brakeless nosewheelies, opposite and regular airs. First flair whips I think. So much good stuff. RIP Dave

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There's too much to say yet I remain speechless. There's a rad session on the vert ramp in the sky today, may you find peace brother

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For you Dave. THE MEASURE OF A MAN Not - How did he die? But - How did he live? Not - What did he gain? But - What did he give? These are the things that measure the worth Of a man as a man, regardless of birth. Not - What was his station? But - had he a heart? And - How did he play his God-given part? Was he ever ready with a word of good cheer? To bring back a smile, to banish a tear? Not - What was his church? Not - What was his creed? But - Had he befriended those really in need? Not - What did the sketch in the newspaper say? But - How many were sorry when he passed away? These are the things that measure the worth Of a man as a man, regardless of birth. For you Dave, and all the times we lit the ramp on fire and pushed the very limits of our talents to chase the same dream. Goodbye my hero, my mentor, my inspiration. Goodbye.

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I still don't even know what to say about this, but thanks to @davemirra for changing my life, as well as the lives of every Bmx rider and action sports athletes in the world. You are the reason I ride a bike today, and I'll never forget the memories I got to share with you. You've had more influence on our sport then any human could ever imagine. Without you and your endless contributions to our sport, Bmx would never be what it is today. It's people like you that change people's lives for the better, you may not be with us anymore, but your influence will never stop and we'll continue to progress and enjoy what we do because of you. Thanks Dave, RIP.

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New Zealand - Feb, 2007. Mirra had just won the X-Air contest and he took a group of us out to dinner to celebrate. Half way through dinner a one armed rugby player came up to our table and told us we were sitting in his reserved seats and we would have problems if we didn't move right away. Mirra started talking to the guy and once the guy realized who Dave was he was cool with us and let us have his reserved seats. Dave was always so quick witted and entertaining and I feel lucky to have gotten to share moments like this with a true legend. #ripdavemirra #mirraforever @davemirra

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I've literally written 5 different captions for this and deleted them. I'm so mad, confused, frustrated, and just out there right now. Dave was our voice. He's the guy that made the world stand up and notice BMX. He made BMX a sport. I announced my first X-games in 2005, I vividly remember contemplating how on earth I was going to announce Dave Mirra. Like what do you say about someone like Dave? Thankfully..when Dave rode..nobody is paying attention to anything other than Dave. It's so insane to me to think that a guy that I admired and emulated as a kid would later become my friend. THATS HOW BMX WORKS THOUGH!! This small weird subculture gives back exactly what you put into it. Passion sees no boundaries. It has been an incredible experience to watch this little kid from NY pulling backwards decades at 14 at the 1988 Columbus Ohio AFA masters, grow into the most popular, iconic, and legendary faces BMX will ever know. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING DAVE. You changed all of our lives for the better and I can't ever repay you for your gifts. We are gonna miss you man. This was from 2009 Dew Tour, thanks for @fattonybmx for the photo. I always loved interviewing Dave because I always wanted to hear what he had to say. Heres to the greatest to ever touch a BMX.

Legend status for Dave Mirra is an understatement, he was bigger than bmx and took everything he did to the limits. Like most, watching Dave ever since he was a kid was always inspiring. He made riding look good to whoever saw him ride or speak, he was one of our best ambassadors we’ve ever had to date. More than all that, he always stayed humble. Always one to reach out and say hello and take time out to talk with you. He’ll always be in my mind as the best to do it. His passing really hit home hearing the news last night. After talking to my 4 year old that a friend just died, he said something that really got me choked up, “he’s a star that will always be with you.” He doesn’t understand death but maybe he knows more than I thought.

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I think it's safe to say that I and many of you wouldn't be living the lives we currently do if it wasn't for Dave Mirra. My sincerest gratitude and condolences go out to his family and everyone that loved him. We lost a good one today. BMX will never be the same.

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Life can change in a nano second. We have all lost a friend and a champion and find ourselves numb and deeply saddened by this. Now we have to find a way to create some light from the darkness that Dave must have felt, and that we all feel now. Dave has a special place in the heart, mind, and soul of Haro. We have a specially commissioned original oil painting of Dave in our office as appreciation and as a reminder to all who work here for all that he did for the sport and for our company. There it will remain forever! We offer our deepest sympathies to the Mirra family and pray that your pain will ease with time. Nothing prepares you for this, and ultimately it will be the love of friends and family that will help get you through to the place where you can find your balance once again and breathe. Energy does not go away, it transforms. To Dave, we would say that your invisible chains have been released, you are now free to fly throughout the Universe as you have always done so well here on earth. There is much love here, for you and for your family, forever. Until we meet again.....

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In the plane on the way to New Zealand Dave and I made a deal if he went for the 360 backflip no hander I would try a 1080 he pulled his trick and won the contest and I won the best trick contest that's Dave hugging me after multiple failed attempts but I did it because of his positive motivation or I would have given up I'll never forget that day from there he got me on monster energy got m

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Some words, pictures and videos about Dave on our french oldschool website :
It's in french but some documents are unreleased...

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From me and my brother and group of friends thank you Dave, your style was 100% Unique and Original and the Mirracle Boy and Nyquist was one of the best things I have seen and continue to see thank you you were one of the most humble people out there. When my little brother asked you for an Autograph at the Vans Triple Crown in Oceanside you asked him if he knew who you were and he said the guy that rode for Haro you brushed his hair and smiled. You will be missed the Boss Dave Mirra!

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Unreal just unreal......... Dave was a beast on his bike, I'm a firm believer that when any riders bike is built and dialed in with time and love it takes on a certain soul and heart and becomes more then just metal and parts..... imagine the souls this man Dave Mirra has built up over the years... I grew up on turning on espnxgames as a14yr old in 96ish not knowing about haro and Hoffman anything yet seeing Dave rip shit up on yellow blammo 4 pegs gyro front brakes and kneesaver bars, I said right there that is the sickest shit I've ever seen IM DOING THAT!
Dave , I owe you soooo much thanks for changing my life then and solidifying my riding future to come You were a true savage on 2 pedals RIde in peace Man

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Dave mirra was the reason why I rode he's a childhood hero to me in for me to get a chance to meet him was honor in itself thank you Dave for the motivation I currently have the 2003 Haro mirra pro i won several trophies cash prizes

With the bike being out of commission now I'm going to try and make it run again after that I will ride that bike one last time

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