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Dane Searls passed away on November 24th due to head injuries sustained in an attempt to dive into a swimming pool from a nightclub balcony. This happened just days after Dane set a world record on the biggest dirt jumps in the history of the sport.

Dane's contributions to BMX will never be forgotten. He will be remembered as a visionary, an incredibly talented rider, and most of all, an all-around great guy.

I'm sure you've already seen it, but watch Dane in Unit's Giants of Dirt 2 and take a moment to remember what he was all about.

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I feel incredibly fortunate to have known Dane. Dane was such a positive dude and always a pleasure to be around. On his bike, he changed the BMX dirt game. Off his bike, he was the nicest guy you could ever meet. Dane will NEVER be forgotten.

- Kyle Carlson

Here's what a few riders had to say about Dane's passing via Twitter -

"Im gonna miss my good friend. Dane u were as real as it gets. A great Bmx rider & a great mate. I'll be thinkin of u every time I ride" - Corey Bohan

"Nothing but amazing times with an amazing person! I love you searlsy. Rest easy now mate, u will always be in my heart." - Cam White

"Wow, it's really surreal to think Dane is gone. Your style was inspirational, and you charged like no one else. RIP" - Zak Earley

"So sad that Dane has left the world. I'll miss you mate. Thanks for all the memories. You did Aus BMX so proud over the years. R.I.P" - Colin Mackay

"I'm at a loss for words. Truly unbeliveable that Dane is gone. I'll miss you man. I know it might sound ungrateful, but I'm not feeling very thankful today. Lost a great rider, friend, and all around awesome human today." - James Foster

"Dane searls. RIP u gnarly legend. I watched giants of dirt so many times. Rip Dane u will never be forgotten." - Harry Main

"Seriously bummed to hear about Dane Searls. Deepest sympathy to his friends and family." - Darryl Tocco

"RIP Dane Searls! I am so thankful to have gotten to ride by your side. You will never be forgotten." - Rob Darden

"BMX lost a good one today. RIP Dane! I'll never forget riding solame with you and spouting cheesy Dane Cook quotes." - Chris Doyle

"I've shared some of the best times of my life with Dane Searls. I Iove you brother and I'll miss you." - Anthony Napolitan

"Everyone lost a hero today. Thanks for being such a nice guy and showing everyone what BMX is. RIP Dane Searls." - Kris Fox

"BMX lost an amazing shredder that would build & ride massive jumps & do stuff that nobody else would. RIP Dane Searls. We love and miss you" - Cesar Flores

"Such a shame you had to leave us so early. You'll forever be missed... Your 2nd home just got a little dimmer too. Love you brother..." - TJ Lavin

"Giving thanks to knowing and riding with Dane Searls. Wish i got to hang with you so much more though." - Dave Dillewaard

"R.I.P Dane Searls. One hell of a person on and off his bike. We always have great memories of him." - Brandon Dosch

"The BMX brotherhood sheds a tear as we all say good bye to a courageous visionary and friend, Dane Searls. We love you brother,Ride in peace" - Darryl Nau

"Dane Searls was an amazing dude. We had so many good times together on and off the bike. Such a sad day. Love you mate, rest in peace." - Nate Berkheimer

"Very sad to hear Dane Searls has passed away. Awesome, humble dude and a phenomenal BMX talent." - Alistair Whitton

"Really sad to hear the news about Dane Searls. To many great people have been taken this year from the sporting world. Such a shame. RIP." - Jamie Bestwick

Unit set up a bank account to raise funds for Dane's family in this difficult time. If you would like to donate, here is the information -

In Australia -
Dane Searls Fund

BSB: 014-518

ACC: 2784-69073

Outside of Australia -

Swift code: ANZBAU3M

ACC: 014518278469073

Please share any stories, memories, or thoughts about Dane in the comments below.
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 11/24/2011 12:16 PM

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The BMX lost one of its legends.

From his tricks to make the longest jump in history was the best dirt biker who was, in my review. I would love to meet him personally and have a session with Dane. So I say goodbye to a great legend of bmx.

Dane R.I.P

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rest in peace dame, you will never be forgotten and spoke of as a legend

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I cant believe youre gone man, its been too long since ive seen you everyone will miss you. you are a true warrior and will never be forgotten.

ride on Dane Searls!!!!!!!!

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