New Subrosa Rider? 59

With Eli Platt and Rich Hirsch recently parting from Subrosa, it was only natural that they'd pick up another rider. Well, here he is. This picture is all your getting. Who do you think it is?
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kylecarlson 7/23/2009 12:54 PM

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fitbikelvr17 you are a fucking retard because ian schwartz has been on sunday since the beginning and sunday is partners with odyssey, who make aitken tires, and mike aitken is on fit, not subrosa.

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Im def gonna have to go with ian schwartz cause a while back he had a bike check up and it said he runs those aitken tires

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The only real hint I get from the photo is that they're left foot forward and run Odyssey tyres...that really narrows down the possibilities huh? haha

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