New Nostra Pedal from Shadow Conspiracy

Shadow Conspriacy sent over photos of one of its newest items, the Nostra pedal. Check out the specs and photos—it’s pretty slick.

New Nostra Pedal from Shadow Conspiracy 

(Sealed, Unsealed)
Sealed, 1 needle bearing, 1 sealed bearing
4140 spindle, deep concave design
Replaceable pins that come in two sizes
Replacement parts available
Weight: 11oz per sealed pedal
Colors: black, white, dark red, green, baby blue, brown, purple

The Nostra pedal is designed to give the rider a light and durable pedal. One of the biggest improvements The Shadow Conspiracy came up with is our pin assembly. The holes in the pedal are vertically aligned and the pins have hex heads on each side of the pin. This allows the pin to be installed and removed in the same direction. Eliminating pulling a ground down pin through the threads and destroying the pin hole. Another feature is the pattern on the pedal surface, which will reduce dirt build-up but also grip your shoe like no other pattern on the market

New Nostra Pedal from Shadow Conspiracy 


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Losey Losey 7/10/2007 4:02 AM

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