Napolitan Wins Dew Tour Best Trick 32

PhotoAnthony Napolitan took the win at Dew Tour's best trick contest with a 360 barspin to barspin to tailwhip. Congrats, Anthony!
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 10/17/2009 11:50 PM

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This contest was pretty awesome! TJ and I seemed to be battling it out the whole time. I was almost certain that TJ was going to win. He pulled some amazing tricks. But after the contest when I saw TJ he told me that all the trick he did besides the Flip tuck to whip, he slipped pedals and drug his feet across the ground. So that is why TJ didn't win.

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yeah, napolitan killed it....but tj ellis threw a sick one after the contest ended......backflip windshield wiper (thats a backflip whip to whip back)......was an INSANE contest.......Nastazio with front flip turndowns, napolitan with the bar bar whip, cranmer whipping down the stairs and then triple whipping the dubs.....sick.

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this trick is ridiculously good, but i heard colton satterfield did a double backflip no hander...i think colton should have gotten it imo.

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