Mike Spinner Bike Check 29

PhotoMike Spinner just sent over the lowdown on his current ride. Check it -

Frame - MIA Hyper frame
Weight - 4pounds 5oz
Backend Length - 13.5 slammed
Headtube - 75degree
Seattube - 71 degree
BB height - 11.625
Brake mounts - removable
Gyro tabs - removable
Dropouts - 14mm

Forks - Odyssey Director
Bars - Hyper prototype
Cranks - Profile ti spindle 175mm
Pedals - Welgo 52
Rear Wheel - Profile hub, ti spokes, ti hardware, 9t driver, Alienation Runaway rim
Front wheel - Profile hub, ti spokes, ti hardware, Alienation Deviant rim
Sproket - Profile Wake 28t
Chain - Shadow
Seat - Alienation pivotal
Post - Alienation Pivotal
Grips - ODI Longnecks
Brakes - Fly
Lever - Colony
Gyro - Snafu
Front Tire - Grifter 2.10
Rear Tire - Grifter 1.85
Stem - Fit stem

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 4/13/2010 5:35 PM

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why is the walmart version of the mike spinner pro such a pile of shit? i saw it today.. from far away it looked decent then i looked at it and it had a one piece crank, a 1" THREADED stem, all cheap ass components. i mean i know its walmart, but why sell out and put your name on a pile of junk like that?

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LA Teddy, Who make's you the shit in BMX? You don't have a clue on what companies give back to bmx. Ball Park gives to the ARF. I don't see you starting a company. Why not? you seem to know all there is to know. Any company out there in this economy following their passion is giving to bmx. Tell us all what you have conotributed to BMX? Nothing but your ignorance, thats all.

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LOL keep hating guys! fact is spinners riding is at the top, the only reason you dont like him is beacuse of the parts he rides? or because his gums stick out? grow the fuck up.

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tothemax: sorry to have offended you and your stock bike lil buddy. i talk bad about mike because he rides for some bmx racing company that i suppose wants to dip their toes into bmx freestyle but i doubt they're giving much back to the sport. and i just don't like riders who have energy drink sponsors and fuggin hot dog sponsors. but whatever gets you by in life, man...

mike seems like a real nice dude though and i would be more than happy to talk to him in person about his life decisions. until then, that bike is ugly.

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I wish Mike would fucking get real and ride real parts. He's a trifecta of what people don't like, Hyper, Snafu, and Alienation. And it looks ugly. You have all the talent and money to build anything and that's what you build? Whatever works...

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