Mike Payne Video 25

Mostly skatepark and some street riding in Las Vegas by Mike Payne courtesy of Ryan Galvan.
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 10/27/2008 2:23 PM

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yo! how bout we all stick to vital to see full grown ass men get sick on little kids bikes. lets not have to listen to those same grown ass men hit on pre teens. yeah grizz thats my sister, how bout you slow your roll and keep your wack-offs strictly redtube ehhh?

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hey grizz, just so you know, that girl is the kid who filmed this little sister......she's in 7th grade. you sick bastard. what has this world come to? 30 year old men who have more hair than a grizzly bear (hense the name 'grizz') thinking 7th graders are hot? ewwwwwwww. haha

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