Mike Brennan off WeThePeople

Mike Brennan has officially parted ways with long-time bike sponsor WeThePeople. Here's their statement -

"Starting in 2013 Mike Brennan will no longer be riding for Wethpeople. This decision didn’t come easy for us. Mike has been on Wethepeople for many years now and with the start of Merritt we believe that Mike is on his own path with his new company. Mike will always be apart of the WTP family and will continue to receive our support in many ways including distributing Merritt. We owe Mike a big thank you for supporting us all these years. Mike is an amazing BMX rider, a motivator and a roll model for the younger generation. He is a hard working father that is perusing his dream in BMX. Starting a company from the ground up is not easy; just ask the many that have tried."

Mike kills it and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. If a new bike sponsor is something he's looking for, I'm sure it won't be long until he finds one. Either way, it appears the majority of his focus is being dedicated to Merritt, which can only mean big things for the up-and-coming component brand.

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