Garrett Reynolds Starts Fiend; More 18

PhotoWe've been waiting on Garrett's blessing to post anything about this and he gave us the thumbs up today. Here's what we know -

Since parting ways with Premium, Garrett Reynolds has been working on starting his own bike company called Fiend. Ty Morrow and JJ Palmere are both on the pro team with Garrett and Colin Varanyak and Kevin Vannauker are on the AM team.

The crew has been working with filmer Tony Ennis on a promo video to officially introduce the brand and it should be hitting the web very soon. Based on what we've heard, you can expect it to be completely insane.

We'll have more information on Fiend as it becomes available.
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 7/20/2011 7:52 PM

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i deffenitly think with the founders of this brand being who they are, other companys will get shut out. i hope they bring a different side of products to the market, something new and fresh that'll change the game like other companys have done in the past.

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yea the shirt looks that way cuz its garrets company, he rides bikes wether there thrashed or not his bikes always thrashed, and he'll ride a sketchy ramp better then ANYONE else, so the scratchy writing fits his riding style, so you say the shirt looks like shit? hmm SHUT THE FUCK UP
thanx have a nice day smile

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should of waited til the edit dropped and the graphics on those shirts look awful

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beauty. now we know about as much as we've known for months.

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