Famous Stars and Straps Drops BMX Team 8

Image - FreeAgentBMX.comEarlier this year, clothing brand Famous Stars and Straps dropped TJ Ellis, James Foster and Dave Dillewaard, thus exiting BMX all together. Definitely a bummer seeing another brand following in DC's footsteps of no longer supporting BMX. Fortunately, TJ, James, and Dave are all awesome and I'm sure we'll continue to see great riding from them for many years to come.

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 8/31/2013 11:23 AM

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I couldn't give less of a shit tbh. Their image is retarded and anyone who thought they actually supported bmx is too

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How can you respect a company that sponsored some riders, then got the fuck out? Just another company in bmx to make a few bucks. Wish riders would support bmx and not a company that's in JCpenney.

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