Diamondback / Aliention Bike Giveaway 1

Diamondback and Alienation have teamed up to give a badass bike away to a rider that really needs it. Before we get any further, check out this spec list -

Want to win this? Of course you do! Here are the details, straight from Diamondback -

"Do you need this bike? Tell us in the comments here - http://www.diamondbackbmx.com/2012/12/03/diamondback-x-alienation-give-away/ or show us why with a video. Better yet, Do you know a rider who needs a NEW whip? Your friend rips but is bike is blown out? Tell us why in the comments or better yet show us with a video and we will make you SANTA for the day.

It would be pretty cool to show up at your friends house and give them a new ride…

Winner will be picked on Dec 21, so get out there tell us why you want this bike."

Hit up Diamondback's site for more info and for your chance to win!

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C50_127351170_1266213348 kylecarlson 12/3/2012 8:43 PM

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Hello there,
I might sound selfish and If I do I'm sorry. But I would love have this bike, I would tresure it for as long as I lived. From my profile you'll notice that I have a history with your brand. Well the story is that since 2000 I became I huge fan when trough allot of work I bought with my own money my very own Diamondback Joker not the best but sufficent although I bent the rim on my firs dirt jump I loved that bike I opened the 3/8 drop outs 14mm and with dotation parts from my family changed the single crank arm to a 3piece and to 14mm forks. I've always been a huge Diamondback fan my favorite model has to be the 2002 Sherman with the fire red. Over the years I got married but my passion for BMX and the Diamondback brand has never ceased. I even remember my friend getting me the black sweater with Diamondback in old english with since 1976 in the bottom. Although I make a sufficent amount to get by with me and my family I do strugle to keep up, my current bikes are a 2001 Federal Division and a 2004 Mr.Lucky. When ever possible I buy use bikes from craiglist for kids in my Kingdom Hall and I always make it a point to find Diamondbacks. At the moment I'm fixing a 2004 Session for a kid who's dying to get into BMX but can't due to finacial hardships from his family. I know theres a huge number of great deserving people out here on Vital BMX but if you guys get a chance to look over my comment please consider me. On my profile theres pictures of me and I'm on a 2002 Skingdog blasting a wall ride. Wether I win or not Diamondback will always be my brand. Thank you Jorge R

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