Brandon Loupos Wins Gold in Dirt at X Games 2018 1

Brandon Loupos' lifelong dream has officially became a reality! He nailed an incredible run - backflip the drop in, double flip the first, cash roll the second, triple whip the third, and flair double tailwhip on the quarter - and claimed the top spot. This was definitely one of the best dirt contests in X Games history!

GOLD - Brandon Loupos


SILVER - Logan Martin


BRONZE - Brian Fox


4th - Colton Walker

5th - Kyle Baldock

6th - Mike Varga

7th - Daniel Sandoval

8th - Leandro Moreira

9th - Dawid Godziek

10th - Pat Casey

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kylecarlson kylecarlson 7/21/2018 6:46 PM

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I think they need an X-Games REAL BMX dirt like they do street. For some of us who ride trails this kind of contest isn’t really dirt it’s park riders hucking it. Sure it’s entertaining but guys like Cody Diggle, Clint Reynolds, and the Sheep Hills crew never really get any recognition. Would be nice to give style and flow a place in X-Games. I know it won’t happen but it’d be cool.

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