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There's a new sort of BMX movie in the works- one for the big screen. Accelerate: The BMX Movie has already signed on Joel Moody to star in the film and other riders involved include Scotty Cranmer, Morgan Wade, and Van Homan. Click here to check out the site. What do you think about this? We want to know!
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kylecarlson kylecarlson 6/20/2009 12:47 PM

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Lets be honest! It can't be any worse than BMX BANDITS and I knew RAD was corny even when I was 15! I'll go see itwink

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sounds pretty nice i live like a 10 mminute ride from catty woods. sweet. but i really hope this isn't based on what an average person thinks bmx is. then it would be really gay

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wow this sounds alot like grind and rob dyrdeks new movie street dreams. im hoping for the best but im not too sure about this one....

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doesnt accellerate sound like a car or a dirtbike movie, not a bmx movie wtf????

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Worst. Story.Ever.
They seem to being trying, or at least wanting, to do it right however which I can respect but with a story like that I can only expect the worst. People should really start to realise the BMX and Skateboarding aren't 'cool' so really don't make a good movie basis. Will I see it? NO.

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