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C50 Fictionsdd2
8/21/2013 7:13 PM

Vital bmx should start a contest were the person who wins it gets to ride with there favorit rider for a day

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C50_my_bike_1484023375 jj0996
8/22/2013 11:07 AM

the only problem would be if the rider was booked or something


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C50_gayblogs_1391128069 Dildroids
9/2/2013 9:59 PM

I would like to ride with Matt Hoffman.... old style like

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C50 Fictionsdd2
9/4/2013 11:30 AM

i would ride with chad kerley i have always wanted to even be for he realy got well known

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C50 bmxfreakzz
10/30/2013 7:31 AM

i would ride with chad kerley

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C50_screen_shot_2013_11_16_at_11.40.56_pm_1385054808 Reed Reynolds
11/1/2013 9:23 PM

definitely nicholi rogatkin or garret reynolds

just huck it

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C50 bmxdb
12/8/2013 12:38 PM

ya that whould be sick

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C50 bmxdb
12/8/2013 12:39 PM
bmxfreakzz wrote:

i would ride with chad ...more

ya me to

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C50_tim_profile_pic_1403370991 xdrapeau1
12/18/2013 5:41 AM

I would ride with Rick Thorne, that dude rocks!


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C50_d81703535df466af2974143dd3dfbb1b_1464807877 Shortdude
2/21/2014 11:34 AM

I would ride with Stevie Churchill because our styles are similar.

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C50_s_m_gravity_400pix_1370722046 handlebar-to-face
3/7/2014 6:34 AM

I'd ride with hucker, seems like a cool dude

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C50 dasovich
3/14/2014 9:01 PM

sean burns... having trouble finding people around here that like to blast shit

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C50_img_20140614_163252_2004512666_1402756553 T-rider
3/31/2014 2:47 PM

Dan lacey



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