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C50_98760570_1272427164 Over 30 and still riding Quote
11/22/2009 12:18 AM

What would you like to see back in BMX, and what would you like to see leave BMX? And who are the older riders on vital?

C50_111479880_1243033539 poser4life Quote
11/22/2009 8:48 AM

Alex Triple Walls it's getting harder to find them, I weigh 190 lbs. and have tacoed so many double wall rims it's not even funny. I can't stand all the weight weenies driving this sport, I'd much rather have strength than save 2 lbs. I also can't stand the 2inch seat posts I don't need a foot but I don't like slamming my seat either. I do love that FBM is making custom frames so now the next time I need a new frame I can get closer to the old geometry.

C50_98760570_1272427164 Over 30 and still riding Quote
11/22/2009 1:47 PM

Yep, I would like to see some more options for rims, I like to run 48 hole, at least in the back, and it seems my options are limited on 48 hole rims and hubs. And I hate to say it, I would like to see the plastic parts go. I hated plastic parts back then and still don't like them now. Don't like how they look or wear down. And I agree with you about FBM, When my frames wear out, I will be getting one of their custom frames, possibly maybe a solid frame. Speaking of frames it would be nice to have some more diversity in them. Too many companies coping each other and not taking risk. There are some out there don't get me wrong, just like to see more.

C50 standamantx Quote
11/22/2009 2:21 PM

i dont understand the plastic thing either...

C50_86705020_1259931947 Jarred {F.R.} (F.F.C.) Quote
12/3/2009 9:10 PM

what pisses me off is that they almost stopped making 14mm front hubs, they're all weak 3/8 now just because they want to save a little weight. i've bent to many axles before i got my macneil 14mm front hub but they stopped making that too


C50_87536610_1260424057 GMGuinn Quote
12/4/2009 12:32 PM

I want my '89 Dyno Compe back!

C50_98760570_1272427164 Over 30 and still riding Quote
12/7/2009 12:11 AM
Jarred {F.R.} (F.F.C.) wrote:

what pisses me off is that ...more

Odyssey still has some for sale on Dans, and few other places. I don't like the male 3/8 axles, but I don't mind the female axles, at least in the front. Some more 48 hole would be nice too.

C50_project1_1472587187 motomonkey Quote
12/10/2009 4:11 PM

I am 38 years old and still ride, I love it!!! I am working with the city to get a public skatepark built here in Habersham county GA. so far we have raised close to 15,000!!!

C50_87654870_1257650130 sandm4life Quote
12/10/2009 9:05 PM

yeah plastic sucks!!! but i want ledges and rails with no stubs on them again.i want more trails with small to med to big fucking kickers!!trails!!berms an shit man!! i deffinitely agree about alex rims but you can still purchase them you just have to go directly to them on there website www.alexrims.com and id like to see more normal kids riding again where did all these emo's come from?with there tight pants and no lace shoes striped shirts are for fags!! look i guess it doesnt really matter what we want back because a new fag of riders oh i mean fad of riders has evolved.i wish people just had there own style again instead of copying garret reynolds all the time no disrespect for that kid because hes a sick rider but all these little kids need to find there own style before that style of riding is dead! Ive been wearing dickie shorts ever since i tore all my jeans up riding back in like 93' and wearing bike t's such as S&M FBM Standard whatever i was riding at the time and etnies shoes.Now all you see is striped shirts spray on pants no lace shoes and weird looking bandana's on there heads i mean really kids wtf!!!!!?

$o Cal Dave Rider4L S&M4L TPL4L HSL4L
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C50_91106170_1257391904 Shtanre Quote
12/14/2009 1:18 PM
Jarred {F.R.} (F.F.C.) wrote:

what pisses me off is that ...more

i hate that too 14mm is way better than 3/8 and like a pound or 2 isnt gonna make a difference in your riding you just just work out if u can't lift your bike

Sh-tan-re is awesome

C50_91447160_1266407854 Drnwagn Quote
12/23/2009 5:17 AM

Just went through the wheel shopping thing. Down side is that I was on a budget but just went ahead and bought the Poverty Spare wheel for the front.

Love that I am starting to ride again after a few years off. Even more exciting waiting for the parts to show up all the time. (rebuilding my DK 6 Pack).

Hate the plastic parts but the weight weenies win out yet again. I guess it is cheaper to replace but I would much rather spend the money once and not worry about it. Kids!

Miss my original RLII with flight cranks in RadBerry. Miss the old CW frame with the lighting bolt in the tube and the Hutch Speed Trap pedals! They were brutal on the shin! Miss the old Hammer pads I had. They stuck to high heaven but man the worked!

Hate the fact that I am struggling with learning to manual but seem to be able to do bunny hop bar spins.

Proverbs 3:5-6

C50_buttguysmaller bmx214 Quote
12/23/2009 6:39 AM

I hate the weight weenie trend also...
My biggest gripe about bmx is how "fad" driven it is... I suppose it wasn't much different when I was about 14 and first getting into it, but now it seems soooo ridiculous to me!! For instance: EVERYBODY was soooooo into Fit bikes that everything else was shit. Then some pro's left the team to start their own company and they've basically fallen off the map. Now "Sunday" is all you hear. There are so many good bikes out there, but everytime someone asks about a different brand all you here is "get a (insert latest fad here)"... people need to stop worrying about the latest trend or what other kids at the local skate park are gonna think and just get what they think or know is good and run it. This site is so over-run by opinions ( and people who think their opinion is LAW) that it litterally makes me laugh out loud and feel sorry for these kids that actually listen to all of the opinions... especially since 90% of the so called opinions aren't based on any kind of fact at all and merely following the latest "trend".
Sorry for the rant, haha!


C50_91447160_1266407854 Drnwagn Quote
12/23/2009 6:51 AM

I hear you. When I was a kid, Redline, GT, Dyno were the rage! RL Osborn, Eddie Fiola...they made the scene go round. DK was in for a while, Standard, FBM...it's funny because skateboard companies are the same way. There are so many out there now. All the boards even look the same now minus the gaphics. At least back in the late 80-early 90's the boards all had character to them. They had different shapes and different degrees of kick in the tail. I remember when Vision came out with the double kick board and everyone hated it. Now that is exactly how all the boards are made.

Don't get me wrong, I think that all 4130 bike are good. I think what is important is what you like and what you are comfortable with. Just because they have some big name pro riding it does not mean it is made any better than another. FBM on the other had at least offers custom made frame which really is a big deal imo coming from someone that has raced road bikes (10 spds) for years!

Proverbs 3:5-6

C50_img_0198_1502753138 Wolfen Quote
1/21/2010 9:20 PM

All of the shitty attitudes and trends can go away. Just ride your bike, have fun and shut up already.
I miss my Torker and my Haro Master. Plastic pedals aren't that bad plus they don't hurt as much when they slam against my shin.
39 and still riding.........................................when my body let's me.

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C50_629493518_1214266342 bmxrgreg Quote
1/27/2010 5:54 AM

I will be 42 in March and I'm still at it as well. I think overall things are pretty damn good currently. I live in SE Michigan and the scene around here is pretty good. Lots of riders and spots to ride. I'm kinda limited right now to indoor spots but it's all good, especially since one of those spots is Ray's MTB in Cleveland. That place is awesome!! There also is another indoor park coming back to Toledo, OH......I can't wait for the return of Woodville Skatepark. Equipment wise EVERYTHING is better than the stuff I used to ride. My current bike feels great, and I built it just how I wanted, no matter what all the 20-something and younger guys I ride with say haha. I'm on the extreme upper end of the weight scale for a rider.....3 bills ha and of course I'm running 14mm, 48h wheels front and back. I've had zero issues with the Odyssey Midway rims as well but I think that has as much to do with who built them (Turbo @ Albe's) as the parts themselves. I run front and back brakes just like I did back in the 80's. One thing I would like to see is a set of Tuff Wheels that don't feel like a wet noodle haha, but I don't think that's gonna happen.

The bigger the waistband, the deeper the quicksand!!

C50_140454830_1267658024 Jess B.M.X Quote
1/27/2010 9:44 PM

I'm 15. I would like to see how the triple wall rims stack up to the doubles in strength and weight. I heard that now with todays technology, that the double is in fact just as strong if not stronger? Correct me if I'm wrong. Please dont leave :O haha

Stolen Bike.
kohlnv09 wrote: they have guns and knifes
HyPhy wrote: sounds like you should have just let them keep your bike then eh?

C50_91447160_1266407854 Drnwagn Quote
1/28/2010 3:36 AM

13 year olds with attitudes! I can't believe their parents get away with that crap!

Proverbs 3:5-6

C50 northwest Quote
1/29/2010 9:23 AM

i'll be 36 next month. i'm an airline pilot so i shouldnt be riding at all (due to risk of injury) but i cant resist so i ride where no one who knows me can see . dropped out for 10 yrs and started again 1 yr ago. and linked up with some young guys. i support them all i can with parts and backyard ramp maintenance etc.
i fully embrace the new-age stuff like light bikes, small sprockets, brakeless riding, etc. to each his own but i dont really like slammed seats, plastic pedals, and the tight pants and pink parts really do look gay.
i'm showing 6 inches of seatpost because when you get older your knees hurt bad and you have to sit! lighter bikes are a lot easier on your muscles and joints too, but 18 lbs is a little too light.
its weird trying to ride and avoid injuries and skin scrapes at same time.

C50_91447160_1266407854 Drnwagn Quote
2/2/2010 6:33 AM

13 year old pot smoking brats!

Proverbs 3:5-6

C50_127041690_1263525423 bmxjake17 Quote
2/2/2010 7:43 AM

i miss the old parts

C50_91447160_1266407854 Drnwagn Quote
2/2/2010 8:20 AM

I agree. But then again, some of the parts have made great improvements and the technologies that have come along have really made alot of things stronger/lighter.

Proverbs 3:5-6

C50_137884350_1268578447 ghozt.ryda.76 Quote
3/15/2010 7:22 AM


C50_94363740_1276299159.jpg Twisted654 Quote
3/15/2010 9:28 AM
ghozt.ryda.76 wrote:



C50_fotoflexer_photo_rukkus_cb deucedeuce540 Quote
3/19/2010 5:57 PM

I want to see all of the low top tube frames gone. As well as Drop stems, and plastic.

I agree on the rims though. Alex Supra E and the Supra J. Best rims ever!

C50_fotoflexer_photo_rukkus_cb deucedeuce540 Quote
3/19/2010 5:59 PM

another thing is all chrome wheels. Love it.

C50_fotoflexer_photo_rukkus_cb deucedeuce540 Quote
3/19/2010 6:16 PM

americancycle.com has alex supra e and j rims in stock.

C50_3 Harry95 Quote
3/21/2010 2:50 PM
ghozt.ryda.76 wrote:


Twisted654 wrote:


i think he is trying to say

1 time for the old ass niggas that ride like the young niggas! bmx all day!!!

still confused hahahha

crystal meth

C50_89977610_1275301127 bdk1313 Quote
6/8/2010 10:59 PM

All the new trendy shit is just all the old shit coming around full circle.....Big bars, Plastic pedals and 2-piece cranks

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C50_scooby_doo_and_a_ghost nobody Quote
6/20/2010 10:56 AM

really just want to see the scooter frames go. i'm cool with pc shit.

C50_scooby_doo_and_a_ghost nobody Quote
6/20/2010 10:56 AM

really just want to see the scooter frames go. i'm cool with pc shit.

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