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BootyBoots BootyBoots
2/2/2010 6:27 AM

Just awful. This has to be one of the worst bands I have ever heard. It's funny because I heard them on the radio at work and I thought the lead singer was a chick. When I asked about the band and who the fuck it was, someone said there was a chick in the band. I was thinking it made sense. Then I come to find out the lead singer is a dude, who fucking sounds like a chick. I was kind of pissed this morning because I forgot my mp3 player and had to settle for the music played at the gym, and that song of theirs "Substitution" killed my fucking work out momentum. I don't know if any of you are fans of this group, but how they got nominated for a Grammy is beyond me. Thank God I stopped listening to the radio. The shit they play now is pure poison.

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Drnwagn Drnwagn
2/2/2010 6:46 AM

Never forget the iPod when heading to the gym. That is more important than frickn tennis shoes man! I have literally, gone back home in the morning to get mine and then been late for work because I was not going to miss my workout!

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Tommyboy Tommyboy
2/2/2010 10:16 AM

i try to start a work out route but then i just get lazy and sleep in...

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Drnwagn Drnwagn
2/2/2010 10:52 AM

Suck it up and go!

I hear you though. I was hittin it pretty hard over the summer/fall. Gained 22 lbs, went from 174-196. Now I am sitting at 190! Just got burned out. But I also do personal training part time and I just get tired of being at the gym all the time!

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Twisted654 Twisted654
2/2/2010 1:59 PM

It is beyond me, how any of the current main stream rap, hiphop, pop, ect. gets nominated for anything, it's all garbage. I stop watching any of the award shows because it's not good anymore.

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bmxjake17 bmxjake17
2/2/2010 4:38 PM

i hated the song at the grammys drop the world it is so gay all he does is cusses and shit it gets really annoying

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