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jboozer4 jboozer4
5/15/2020 6:36 AM

I’m down in Groton in the navy and haven’t met anyone who digs around here yet. Had 3 sick spots in Washington state till I joined the navy and one set down in South Carolina when I was there. Only ones I know up here are the public ones in Providence. I’m down to dig, I’m not a hack, just looking for homies cause I’m 25 and work a lot so it’s tough finding a group of dirt riders in a state I’m not from. Shit I can’t even find big bowls here to ride trannys. Also I understand dirt jumps are private and that we’re a proud group so I’m not going to bring people uninvited and give the spot away. Holla if you’re down to ride, you can dm me too for privacy if you want.

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spencer666 spencer666
5/19/2020 9:44 AM
jboozer4 wrote:

I’m down in Groton in the ...more

Hey man, I don’t know of any trails in your area. But I did stumble across this video of a park in Stamford CT and it looks awesome!

Also, I assume you were referring to the trails in Providence at the Roger Williams zoo? They host yearly jams in summer put on by Circuit BMX. Definitely worth checking out and I’m sure you could meet some locals if/when the next jam is.

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