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biggybuggy biggybuggy
11/27/2013 7:20 PM

I think you posted an idea for a tire belt, so I did itPhoto

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handlebar-to-face handlebar-to-face
11/27/2013 7:23 PM

how did you make it?

I think it was eskimojay that said something about this but Im not sure

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eskimojay eskimojay
11/27/2013 7:28 PM

Ya that was me....... That's rad dude I'm going to make a new one soon my dirt monster finally tore apart after like ten years

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
11/27/2013 7:29 PM
handlebar-to-face wrote:

how did you make it?

I ...more

Took a belt that used screws to hold in the buckle to the strap, unscrewed it, cut a tire to size with lexan scissors, drilled holes for the screws in the tire, threaded buckle to tire, drilled holes according to waist size, done.

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eskimojay eskimojay
11/27/2013 7:32 PM

Another way to do it if you have a chain breaker or master link is to loop the tire around the buckle punch small holes In to the tire to fit the chain link and put the chain link through the looped tire to lock it onto the buckle

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HardBMX_Tim HardBMX_Tim
11/27/2013 7:41 PM

Swaggot LZ makes and sells these..

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eskimojay eskimojay
11/27/2013 7:42 PM

There not hard to make......if you have to buy one your a little short on intelligence

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
11/27/2013 7:44 PM
HardBMX_Tim wrote:

Swaggot LZ makes and sells ...more

No they doooont. They probably did in the past but it isn't listed on the site. And nobody else has one where I live. High hops low cars. #ridaz

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
11/27/2013 7:45 PM
eskimojay wrote:

There not hard to ...more


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TheRadDragon TheRadDragon
11/28/2013 5:02 PM

lol, not bad...

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feeble_to_face feeble_to_face
11/28/2013 5:05 PM

dude your sig made me shit bricks

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
11/28/2013 10:47 PM
feeble_to_face wrote:

dude your sig made me shit ...more


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Roqfan Roqfan
11/28/2013 11:27 PM
eskimojay wrote:

Ya that was me....... ...more

Dirt Monster represent!
Fuck this big tire trend

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sketchytravis sketchytravis
11/29/2013 4:39 PM

that's actually pretty sick

skooter... dont be a pussy

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