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coot coot
6/25/2014 10:24 AM hey what's up guys I'm looking to get into bmx more this summer but not looking to spend a lot on a bike this is one I found on craigslist its kind of local not to far to drive and pick up but I was wondering if it would be worth all the trouble the newer parts it comes with seem like a good deal but I've read and heard that for taller riders a bike with a 21" tt is better suited then the 20.75" tt I posted above, I'm about 6'1 and weigh 180, any words of wisdom would be much appreciated, oh and I'm pretty sure I can ask for a lower price by saying that I would drive there to pick it up and that the listing has been there for almost a month, and that its slightly used.

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Fondue Fondue
6/25/2014 10:36 AM

Considering the upgrades it's not bad. The upgrades alone would be about $400 new. Definitely try to get it lower though.

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coot coot
6/25/2014 10:42 AM
Fondue wrote:

Considering the upgrades ...more

do you think it would be good for my size?

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Fondue Fondue
6/25/2014 11:12 AM

I think you might feel a little cramped on it. If it's near by, go try it out.

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sketchytravis sketchytravis
6/25/2014 11:13 AM

its alright, but like he said, id try and get it a lil lower... and I feel like youd be fine with the bike at your height, it might be a tad snug, but youd get used to it

skooter... dont be a pussy

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adfkje adfkje
6/25/2014 6:47 PM

^agree w/ travis, it may be a touch snug but really that's splitting hairs if you're new to this IMO. And as everyone mentioned, craigslist is for haggling lol. I just got back on bmx after almost a year off, and got my brother into it - we got 2 bikes in the past week off craigslist, both 21" and plenty of aftermarket parts, for $150(mine) and $205(his) Mine was listed @150 but they delivered it (25min drive) *and* i just couldn't risk not buying it, it was almost brand new united SU2 w/ animal&odyssey parts, thing is practically mint; his is a wtp that's got some rust and needs a tuning (as compared to mine which couldn't have been ridden more than 5-10x, lol the kid who sold it to me was like 16), but his has alienation rims, snafu seat stolen bars s&m stem etc etc Really I cannot recommend craigslist enough, but at the same time do yourself a favor and have a friend who rides help you do this, because, while there's deals to be had, there's lots of crap that looks good to an 'untrained eye', i mean i saw 1 bike that was great on paper last week but the drivetrain was wrecked and front rim was whacked too. For my brother's, the 2nd bike we saw had a hairline @ bottom tube X steer tube joint, something that i now do keep a keen eye for...because about 2yrs ago, i bought a Fit off craigslist and didn't know what i was doing, and i ended up snapping the top tube x steer tube weld within like a month of buying it, and i'm not a big guy at all so am suspecting it was hairlined when i got it and i was just ignorant.

Another idea, if you don't have any friends that can help being there at your purchase, is to just bite the bullet and have them meet you at a bike store, to have the bike store do a basic/cheap inspection of it (maybe even tell them they gotta pay it if the thing ends up having problems, but if it doesn't then you'll pay the inspection+purchase price, so no real investment/loss for you if it's bunk wink )

[another thing i'd say is to ignore aesthetics and just contact all bikes that're up your alley that were listed ~1mo or less ago - you'd be surprised how long things don't sell, in my area at least it's rare to see a 'steal' that sells asap, i usually get deals by just trying to dump 10% off the price at the purchase time - ie, on my brother's bike we bought yesterday, was listed $225, I went there w/ $204 in-pocket; if it was fire and he wouldn't go 204, i woulda said 'hold on i'll see what i can do at the atm' (i had over 300 on me though lol), but i just said "yeah man this is perfect, i have [paused while counting my $, not that i didn't know what i left in that pocket] $204, if you can hold this til friday i'll have 225 then unless you could do it right now?" He actually said no but then immediately went "...friday? you have 204? fine/ok" lol and it was all good smile

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