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AntraxCorona AntraxCorona
7/15/2013 12:58 PM

Whats the best bike one the market today at a 300$ dollar price range

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Zach P-D Zach P-D
7/15/2013 1:01 PM

for that price, not a lot mate sad

go for a 2nd hand custom from craigslist if you can


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isnowyaznV2 isnowyaznV2
7/15/2013 1:01 PM

Yeah, just go look on CL. I'm sure $300 is pretty decent on there. $300 online or wherever won't even get you decent.

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feeble_to_face feeble_to_face
7/15/2013 1:02 PM

At $300 not much.

This is your best bet. Its on sale so hurry.

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