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scobey scobey
8/25/2008 2:16 PM

i dont run pegs and never have in the past.i was thinking about adding 2 to my setup. i want lite weight pegs like tree stick or kink park because i dont want to up the weight of my bike much. would these pegs even hold up or is it a waste of money?

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dominic nelson dominic nelson
8/25/2008 2:18 PM

are you riding park are street?


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scobey scobey
8/25/2008 2:20 PM


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Mr Wilson Mr Wilson
8/25/2008 2:28 PM

check out these pegs

Out tha game

fork 4 sale odssey classic dirt

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easymoney66 easymoney66
8/25/2008 2:31 PM


get some animal lights. they last forever, I dont care about any other peg, the animal pegs murder any other one

doctor i'm okay, but my bike's sick

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blaxuede blaxuede
8/25/2008 4:09 PM

odyssey j-peg lighters is where its at

blind eyes could look at me and see the truth

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easymoney66 easymoney66
8/25/2008 4:10 PM
blaxuede wrote:

odyssey j-peg lighters is ...more

run the j peg lighter for 3 years, then come talk to me

doctor i'm okay, but my bike's sick

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Caleb12321 Caleb12321
8/25/2008 4:17 PM

get some titatnium pegs


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JustRideBMX JustRideBMX
8/25/2008 5:54 PM

get plastics

My nigga Ressler, stay up!
My nigga Babysatan, stay up!
My nigga Copiolet, stay up!
My nigga DakAttack, stay up!
My nigga NCDave, stay up!
My nigga Enzo, stay up!

And I ride for my niggas

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DD33^_^ DD33^_^
8/25/2008 5:56 PM

animal lights

(\__/) CRACKA!!!!

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