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buttmeate buttmeate
12/4/2013 2:31 AM

and ride the bus up the sf hills n bomb down and ride back up, bomb back down for the five hr the transfer last

lots of good wallrides along every single street in sf

wallride a bus everyday

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buttmeate buttmeate
12/4/2013 2:34 AM

wallride a bus everyday

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feeble_to_face feeble_to_face
12/4/2013 6:57 AM

*Le car pulls out of driveway

Old bike VVV

California Living

I now have a more or less stock sunday scout with a complete Demo rear wheel. Sue me

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FEDEXdoobie FEDEXdoobie
12/4/2013 10:28 AM

Try going down gough or oak if you like bombing hills. both have timed lights so you can do it brakeless, oak is like 1.5 miles, and gough is prob like a mile of downhill, just a lot steeper than oak. also just fyi, you really dont need a pass to ride the bus in sf.

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