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martin5511 martin5511
8/19/2008 5:51 AM

ive noticed its becoming a problem in nice skaeparks and by problem i mean crappy graffiti, kids who have 2 cans of paint and run around painting a stick figure

now i have been doing graffiti for 2 years and if im going to paint something its going to be damn good especially if its in my skatepark

lol recently some kids came in and wrote f**k everywhere and drew stick figure devils

just wanted to put it out there

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Terribleone024 Terribleone024
8/19/2008 5:57 AM

yeah i know what you mean......I hate crapy graffiti


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sallyface sallyface
8/19/2008 6:09 AM

lol i went to this skatepark this past weekend and i saw some funny ass graffiti drawn on a quarter, was a little scene of a stick figure guy on a bike doin some crazy tailwhip and it looks like he eats shit. was such a funny ass thing to see


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dave lawrence dave lawrence
8/19/2008 7:02 AM

Im sick of the lil peckers at the Free park in Hutchinson (my former hometown) who paint skateboard logos everywhere, and when asked about it by authority figures, they claim it "was the bikers" lil bastards...why would i paint a skate logo? just stupid. Why do people think they should paint a big penis on a ramp too? its retarded. I could understand skate logos, or bmx logos, or even like the city name or the parks name, but a big penis? what the hell?

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getairbmx23 getairbmx23
8/19/2008 7:06 AM

the city owns my skatepark and they usually have someone come out and wash the paint off. but this past month someone graffitied a really badass looking face and the city left it cuz it was so good.

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3PieceWillie 3PieceWillie
8/19/2008 7:52 AM

I do hate graffiti.

But I do love urban art smile

Yes, theres a difference.

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jlwbmx92 jlwbmx92
8/19/2008 8:34 AM
3PieceWillie wrote:

I do hate graffiti.

But I ...more

very true this is graffiti Photo

this is urban art[LINK TO IMAGE]

whatever floats ur boat as long as it doesnt sink mine....

ur such a sissy la la!!!

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