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JKbmx09 JKbmx09
3/31/2011 9:38 AM

anyone here gauge their ears? I have both ears pierced, and I have the 12 G tapers, but I'm not sure if I should start gauging with smaller tapers? I borrowed them from my friend, and she just went from regular piercings to 12 G. she has 10s, 8s, 6s, all the way to 0. but im not sure if itll be bad to start with 12's. thanks

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JKbmx09 JKbmx09
3/31/2011 9:52 AM

hey vital, fuck you.
tons of bmxers gauge their ears, it is BMX RELATED. fuck this forum, this is the reason i dont come on here anymore. hope this forum dies because of your moving anything that doesnt strictly fall into the main forum everyone goes on.

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swalowMY cockachino swalowMY cockachino
3/31/2011 11:54 AM

huh? ^

[b]( . Y . )` ~ ~ ` ~

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bmx-crawfo bmx-crawfo
3/31/2011 12:46 PM

lul, sorry to say it but this isnt bmx related bro thus why it was moved, thats like saying for example people who post music topics, people listen to music while riding but it isn't bmx related

i'm just here to chill

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TCbmx. TCbmx.
3/31/2011 4:23 PM

the gauges in my ears are 2g silicone tunnels mine are actually a 0g but i need to get new 0g tunnels cause i lost one of them

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3/31/2011 4:58 PM

i need gauges!

vital's redneck

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dacumup213 dacumup213
3/31/2011 5:35 PM

i do mines are 7/8" 22 mm

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alex517 alex517
3/31/2011 8:28 PM

Dude my friend pierced his hear with a sterilized thumb tack then he shoved 8g's into them he said it hurt so bad. He came to school with them and later on got an infection. Just though I'd share that because it's pretty funny.

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bryan d bryan d
4/1/2011 7:55 AM

you could just put a 12 in. its gonna hurt and maybe swell but if you dont want it to then just stretch the right way one size at a time. i got 0s

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cleanbmx cleanbmx
4/1/2011 1:08 PM

Most standard ear rings are a 14-16 gauge, so 12 gauge isn't a substantial jump. Keep in mind gauges only come in even number increments, the lower the number, the bigger the gauge and also the bigger the flare on plugs. This is very important to remember because some plug companies make some plugs with unusually large flares. Industrial strength comes to mind, great plugs, but huge flares. I have inch and a half plugs and I've been stretching for ten years, so I know plugs. Trust me, keep your earlobes lubed up. Use A&D ointment to prevent chapping and Jojoba oil to protect your ears from tearing. Tearing equals scar tissue and scar tissue does not stretch.

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cleanbmx cleanbmx
4/1/2011 1:12 PM

PS, do not wear bone or wood plugs unless your ears are fully healed and relaxed, since bone and wood are porous they can spread infection if worn while ear is bleeding. If your ear starts bleeding, take the plugs out and let them heal.

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tinks tinks
4/1/2011 1:37 PM
cleanbmx wrote:

Most standard ear rings ...more

Lots of truth here! Im currently at 7/8 myself smile I have no plans on going bigger. My septum is cool at a 2 as well smile

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verde rider verde rider
4/1/2011 9:41 PM

the correct term would be stretching* your ears.

verde is where it's at... kinda

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