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rafa182 rafa182
1/24/2008 12:49 PM

hey... i just have a random question... hmm i want to buy a freecoaster and i want to know if there are freecoasters for the left side... cuz the thing is that i changed my chain and sproket to my left side so i could grinde without breaking the chain..
can anyone explain??? by the way im thinking about the khe

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TheSamster TheSamster
1/25/2008 2:06 AM

I don't know about the geisha, but I know the KHE reverse comes with right or left hand drive.

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ConspiracyBMX518 ConspiracyBMX518
1/25/2008 6:29 AM
TheSamster wrote:

I don't know about the ...more

KHE reverse and the Federal Freecoaster, same thing pretty much both come in left side drive

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