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swalowMY cockachino swalowMY cockachino
3/11/2011 1:23 PM

just ordered this! its just a regualar chain but it looks really cool

[b]( . Y . )` ~ ~ ` ~

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collin86 collin86
3/11/2011 1:25 PM
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LorenzoGallegos LorenzoGallegos
3/11/2011 1:26 PM

Another pointless thread...csb

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carjakester carjakester
3/11/2011 1:27 PM


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swalowMY cockachino swalowMY cockachino
3/11/2011 1:27 PM


[b]( . Y . )` ~ ~ ` ~

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Cjmdawg Cjmdawg
3/11/2011 1:33 PM

a pointless thread. i like my chain i have had for over half a year.

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BMX I like BMX I like
3/11/2011 1:34 PM

Gay story bro

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derp derp
3/11/2011 2:23 PM

Looks ghetto. I liked the KMC colored chains for a while, but they break too damn easy. Riding a KMC heavy now.It's like a $10 chain.

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Sinister Game Sinister Game
3/11/2011 2:35 PM
derp wrote:

Looks ghetto. I liked the ...more

odsy bluebird ftmfw

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