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2702smth 2702smth
10/2/2020 11:40 PM

From what i’ve heard higher upsweep helps with wrists if this isn’t true correct me but anyways i’m looking for a pair of bars specified. They don’t need to be 2pc or 4pc i like both if they do the job i’d even run 8pc

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pnfdog pnfdog
10/3/2020 9:22 AM
2702smth wrote:

From what i’ve heard ...more

Shadow vultus

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upnsmoke upnsmoke
10/3/2020 10:47 PM

I went around with this recently. Got mixed opinions on what feels good and doesn’t. Seems like a preference thing that varies from one person to another. There’s a few with 3° upsweep in the range of height you are looking at S&M credence xl’s, Fit hoodbird, above mentioned vultus, etc. Odyssey 10-4s will get you the upsweep you want if you don’t mind a little extra rise. Animal foursome have 5° upsweep and come in 9 and 9.5 rise as well.

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MJbmx MJbmx
10/4/2020 1:03 PM

Depends what part of your wrist hurts. Whichever part hurts is getting too much pressure, so get a sweep that evens it out. Grip should follow the crease of your hand, and evenly distribute the impact across your palm while keeping your wrist at a comfortable angle.

inner wrist/thumb hurts = needs more backsweep
Outer wrist/outer palm hurts = needs less backsweep
Index finger hurts = needs more upsweep
Pinky finger hurts = needs less upsweep

Bar tilt and width of grip also play a part, but that's the short version. I prefer less sweep (3 up 6 back) with a narrow to shoulder width grip spacing (26" wide bars).

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rob3 rob3
10/4/2020 1:14 PM

S&M Race XLT bars are 8 back 4 up and available in those sizes (though they appear to be sold out at the moment).
T-1 Ruben bars are 9.2" rise with 14 back 4 up

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upnsmoke upnsmoke
10/4/2020 8:05 PM

I was going to say the bars MJ is referring to sound like race bars. I’ve been spending a good number of hours on my race bike lately and my current bars are 6 back 4 up, 8.5 rise. They feel good, but I’m riding on dirt. Not the same as street and park.

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