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Bulletpup Bulletpup
9/14/2017 10:31 AM

I'll start it off, I was riding around a local park of mine, not a skate park but a regular Park. I was coasting at a pretty good speed. I decided with my Left crank arm down to take a pretty aggressive left turn. Not to mention I had my left hand off the bars just kind of sitting on my hip. You probably know what's about to happen by reading this... The left pedal struck the ground and kind of lifted my bike up. And when I crashed I somehow landed directly on the sharp bar end straight to my pelvis region. It also hit my left knee but that wasn't the embarrassing part. There was a woman and her child about 10 ft away from me when the crash happened and about 10 to 15 people just in the general area that saw. I stood up to check my myself in terms of my injuries and what not, and as soon as I did my weiner popped out of the the newly-created hole from my bars. It not only ripped my pants from my belt line to the very end of my shorts ... It ripped through my underwear in the same pattern. I stuffed it back in very quickly but the hole was so big it just kept on popping out while I frantically tried to cover myself up. I then apologized to the woman and her child directly in front of me. She said back to me " it could have been worse."

It was a breezy ride back home.

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9/14/2017 11:01 AM

I was cruising around and I decided to do a one hand hop up a curb. The curb came before I could catch my bars and bike went sideways, making me land right on to my bars bruising a couple of ribs. Little did I know there was like a ton of people around me. Some were laughing, some asked if I was ok. I said I was and gtfo quick. Its funny to look back on.

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Mishinn_Control Mishinn_Control
9/14/2017 11:03 AM

Some friends & I were taking turns bunny hopping various height chains that separated rows of parking spaces in a hospital parking lot. We started low & progressively went higher. I was the better bunny hopper so I figured I could top anything my friends could do so I went last. So, we are going along & a couple hot nurses came out & started watching us. Of course, I start getting cocky & start lazily hopping as if it was boring me. On one of the higher chains, I'm following the last rider pretty closely & sorta showing off. As my friend goes up & over, he barely clears it & touches the chain with his rear tire which started the chain swinging. So, on my pull up, I was in the right position to clear it. But as the chain swung (and my lackadaisical "I'm too good for you" attitude) my rear wheel caught the chain & promptly launched me into a wicked chin plant. I get up with a chunk of chin hanging & blood pouring out of my face, & the hot nurses are laughing & say "at least you are in the right place". Bitches.....

Oh, and my dick popped out.

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
9/14/2017 11:43 AM
Mishinn_Control wrote:

Some friends & I were ...more

Lol the end sentence was perfect. I also promised myself I would never jump a chain, rope, net etc. About 2 months ago...You have given me one more reason! wink

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Mishinn_Control Mishinn_Control
9/14/2017 11:53 AM
Mishinn_Control wrote:

Some friends & I were ...more

Bulletpup wrote:

Lol the end sentence was ...more

Figured you'd get a kick outta that.

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
9/14/2017 12:03 PM

Playing bike tag at the park , full speed head on crash with my buddy . Ended up getting his bar end rammed into my kidney , I pissed blood for a day or two

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
9/14/2017 12:09 PM

Seems like many of the crashes have to do with landing on your bars...

I always get freaked out by peoples pegged bikes. Guess I should re-evaluate my fears lol

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Spenlard Spenlard
9/14/2017 1:07 PM
Bulletpup wrote:

Seems like many of the ...more

Same, pegs destroy all confidence for me. Dunno why.

Most embarrassing wreck, went over bars clearing a tiny pyramid and concussed myself. Killed me ego for months

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Cam-bmx Cam-bmx
9/14/2017 1:15 PM

My most embarrassing one was when I was cruising down downtown and saw a really beautiful girl and ran into a pole going head over bars.... the good thing to come out of it was the girl came over to see if I was ok. Another one was when I was messing around standing on my seat and a old lady came right in front of me from in front of a van and I jumped off pushing my bike away and landing hard on my shoulder and then the lady had that old grumpy face and I was getting ready for the lecture and then she said "I am sorry" and I was like " no I am sorry I am the dumbass standing on a seat"

Ride till you die

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ggallin422 ggallin422
9/14/2017 1:40 PM
Bulletpup wrote:

I'll start it off, I was ...more

Hahaha wow that's the funniest thing I've heard in a while. I'd say you win. I had the same thing happen to me at work. Not riding related so I'm not really going to get into it, but I feel your pain.

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Shredkink9 Shredkink9
9/14/2017 5:50 PM

Was doin a fast manual on a slight downhill sidewalk at a school and looped out causing my bike to go handlebar first into a yellow post, i didnt fall but it made a pretty loud noise near a buncha ppl walking to get into a football game at the school, dented my crossbar on sunday vinnie bars i was surprised.. and it left yellow paint on them. Another time i went to simply pedal off of a picnic table and didnt have proper crank position and landed face first... but only a friend was with me, i hit so hard my guage fell out of my ear and i went to the hospital with a minor concussion and needed a sutcher or stitch in my ear,still have a scar on my face

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Will_Foxhall Will_Foxhall
9/14/2017 7:23 PM

I was younger and just starting bmx and was coming down a ramp and missed the ramp with my front wheel and went face first to the concrete, scraped off half my face. Earlier today at the skatepark I was tryinga 180 halfcab in to a bank and leaned to far forward and landed right on the sack, I don't think any body so I got up and just rode away.

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Ramorak Ramorak
9/15/2017 1:30 AM

Was waiting to pick my son up at school, decided to try an Abubaca on a small grassy bank in the playground where all the other parents were waiting/greeting their kids. Mis-judged, out of the backdoor and slid ungracefully down the bank on my arse.
Wasn't hurt, but a tad embarrassing as someone in my 40s on a "kids" bike surrounded by other parents. wink

Another was just setting off from my local supermarket, lots of people sat drinking outside the local pub about 20 meters away (was a bank holiday) and flew straight into the bars.
I had forgotten to remove my bike lock.. not sure how many saw as I quickly removed it and went the other direction...

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
9/15/2017 6:00 AM
Ramorak wrote:

Was waiting to pick my son ...more

Those are a couple good ones. The bike lock one is really funny to me. Also, i know the feeling about people talking shit about how small the bike is. I hear it from little girls, little boys, and friends and family. Most adults I pass dont say a word either from fear of "hoodlum" stereotypes or just dont want any confrontation. I would not get physical with someone over saying that but I would probably take the time to explain why the "childrens" bike is somewhat necessary.

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Noacl76 Noacl76
9/15/2017 1:51 PM

I was doing a straight nosepick over the spine at rampage back in day and went OTB like I didn't even pull up and fell 4ft to flat as I'm laying there I look up and Luc-e is looking down at me seriously trying not to laugh goes "whoa you ok?" I said yeah and went outside and sat on a tailgate with some friends when Steve Crandle walks up and goes "why aren't you riding?" I said because I'm hurt and then asked him the same and without hesitation he says "because I'm fat!" And walks away.

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Bergumat Bergumat
9/15/2017 2:12 PM

yeah funny list

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
9/15/2017 3:58 PM

These are great! Well im sure they were all horrible at the time but with time brings humour.

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SA519 SA519
9/15/2017 4:01 PM

Oh man OP. I died laughing I can't imagine my dink popping out at a time like that.

Worst for me was 180 attempted a small cement pad and forgot to crank backwards and was promptly thrown onto the pavement. I was video taping too...

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
9/15/2017 4:15 PM

Ya, im not too shy but id really rather all that not have happened. Lol Not to mention it was like 4 or 5 weeks ago and my pelvis still hurts!

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seanthemechanic seanthemechanic
9/15/2017 5:39 PM

Riding by the beach checking out tail and slammed into a light pole. Happens all the time!

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surrealsickness surrealsickness
9/16/2017 3:22 PM

I was hauling ass downtown on a Friday night around midnight, i rode brakeless. (Great combo) I flew out from around a blind corner and got hit by a pizza delivery driver. I smashed his windshield in, propellerd around flew off and gouged by hip and lower torso into the concrete. Thank God he was driving a Geo Metro! PS i ride brakes again.

We just had a new concrete park built, so it was still super slick and dusty.
Everyone was so psyched and people were still going off. With A packed park on hand, and even the kids summer-camp skate-school present, I was Hwaling ass at this dialed pyramid hip, My dusty front wheel slipped out at the top of the hip, i was ejected straight into a front flip and flew straight to flat.
I don't even know how far i flew. landed flat, bruised my tailbone my and lower hip/femur area, i dislocated my shoulder, and also bruised my palm hardcore. When i get Surgery on my shoulder I'll get cadaver bone put in. So that's tight .

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