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zachkrejmas zachkrejmas
5/23/2013 2:11 PM

How did everyone feel about the Street comp at X-games Barcelona? Did you like the course? Did you like the line-up of riders? Would you have liked to see other riders on the course? Discuss...

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Topsey Topsey
5/23/2013 2:25 PM

From what i have seen in the brief videos online the course looked pretty damn sweet but once again i feel an injustice has happened. Garrett Reynolds wins again -.- Don't get me wrong he is an excellent rider but i just don't see what makes him THAT much better than the other riders that are shredding just as hard if not more than him & get fuck all recognition! I think tbh its favoritism the judges are just bumming him because he's so popular & they're giving him higher scores because of that. I watched a dew tour street a few months back (Which he won -.-) I'm sorry but he did NOT deserve to win there were other riders that WERE better than him & i feel there are riders in almost every recent street competition that are as good if not better than him & they place no where or have to settle for 2nd & 3rd.... Rant Over...

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Aav1996 Aav1996
5/23/2013 2:41 PM

X-games? I don't watch the x-games I feel like that gives the wrong representation of what Bmx is.

As a matter of fact it gives the wrong representation of all extreme sports

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madleo madleo
5/23/2013 2:43 PM

I love garret,i mean he is consistent as fuck has everything he does dialled ,smooth as fuck he's always smiling and happy.
Although i loved the younger version of him when he was like Stevie churchill but punk lol.
but in fairness i think bruno got the highest run score but wasn't consistent in run 2 thats why he didn't win.
they all have different styles some big ,some smooth,some just crazy.
plus garret bars anything he possible can which may help.
I'd love too see bruno or Stevie win one though.

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zenith111 zenith111
5/23/2013 2:51 PM
Aav1996 wrote:

X-games? I don't watch the ...more


In reply to Topsey, I think he's overrated too, no style, nothing unique. I didn't watch it my self however, but could guess his run.

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andyferly andyferly
5/23/2013 2:55 PM

The course seemed pretty nice, the thing with Garrett Reynolds is he is an amazing rider but a little over rated by the judges, similar case with Shaun White in super pipe.
My friend wet there to support Simone, they're good friends.

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eskimojay eskimojay
5/23/2013 4:57 PM

Watched vert and big air......zach wardens nuts

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BMXism BMXism
5/23/2013 5:06 PM

Watched park finals and caught the last part of street. I thought the street course was boring, but the riders tore it up anyway.
I could care less who wins, it's always fun to watch some good riding.

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wnb85 wnb85
5/23/2013 6:15 PM

I watched it mainly for the bmx street and big air. I think Garrett deserved it this year. Last year should have been Chad but it is what it is. Garrett is one of the sickest dudes in street but hes definitely favored by the judges

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Effting Effting
5/23/2013 6:19 PM

Dear god I thought Zenith1111 was dead for good lolol welcome back bugger

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Effting Effting
5/23/2013 6:19 PM

To the original question, I didn't watch it, I was the highlights, Garret threw down perfect runs, and got the gold like the last 6 times?

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kylecarlson kylecarlson
5/23/2013 6:55 PM

I think there are 20+ riders that would kill it that don't get a chance to compete due to the incredibly small number of invites. They need some sort of qualification criteria to give all pro riders a fair shot.

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Topsey Topsey
5/23/2013 7:35 PM
kylecarlson wrote:

I think there are 20+ ...more

Yup, X-GAYmes has nothing on the Dew tour though.

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