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noob22 noob22
4/10/2017 8:00 PM

I want to get into freestyle bmx, and I'm not sure what wheel size to get. I'm 16 weighing 170lbs and 5 ft 10in. Just shoot me an answer. I was thinking 18 or 20 inch.

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
4/10/2017 9:40 PM

Definitely 20", 18" would be insanely small for your height

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sXeBMXer sXeBMXer
4/11/2017 6:18 AM

20" wheel; 20.75 or 21" TT length most likely as well...

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GMGuinn GMGuinn
4/11/2017 7:05 AM

Yep. As stated by others, definitely a 20" wheel. I'm the same height at you and have ridden both 20.5" and 20.75" top tubes.

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noob22 noob22
4/11/2017 7:17 AM

But would a 18 be more easy to do tricks on?

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p1p1092 p1p1092
4/11/2017 8:26 AM
noob22 wrote:

But would a 18 be more ...more

Easier to spin but also easier to loop out and it sucks for holding speed. Also, you'd be very hunched over so it'd be uncomfortable and probably harder to ride.

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Super-Pawl Super-Pawl
4/11/2017 8:54 AM
noob22 wrote:

But would a 18 be more ...more

Maybe spin tricks. I doubt its gonna be any improvement anywhere else. Also youre gonna look dumb. Get a normal 20" theres minimal advantage and a lot of cons to 18"

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readybmxer readybmxer
4/12/2017 2:31 AM

Don't even consider the 18", they're fit well for little riders and that's the targeted area; kids. Plus, you're just under 6 feet. If you get an 18' complete, you'll end up looking something like this...


Go for a normal 20" and you'll be rockin'.

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noob22 noob22
4/12/2017 8:03 AM

Thanks dude!

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michael.eckhart michael.eckhart
4/15/2017 1:40 PM
noob22 wrote:

I want to get into ...more

20" for sure

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cmc cmc
4/15/2017 7:06 PM
noob22 wrote:

But would a 18 be more ...more

16"s and 18"s are for little kids.
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chesterhilly chesterhilly
4/17/2017 3:14 AM

I cant say the wheel diameter, but the width is a good idea to think about. Thicker tires absorb more shock, but are also slower, I think you should start off with about a 2.3 or a 2.35

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