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Topsey Topsey
7/23/2013 3:11 PM

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Topsey Topsey
7/23/2013 3:12 PM

Oh & ignore the fact its Chad Butthole Kerley on the video he's in it once.

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mark.beaton.9 mark.beaton.9
7/23/2013 3:20 PM

chad kerley was the best in this haa

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Me? Me?
7/23/2013 3:31 PM
mark.beaton.9 wrote:

chad kerley was the best ...more

I don't think there is a word to describe how arguably wrong you are.

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feeble_to_face feeble_to_face
7/23/2013 3:52 PM
mark.beaton.9 wrote:

chad kerley was the best ...more

kill yourself

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hmuifulikefriedchicken hmuifulikefriedchicken
7/23/2013 3:57 PM
mark.beaton.9 wrote:

chad kerley was the best ...more

feeble_to_face wrote:

kill yourself

its a fuckin opinion

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OneEyeIlluminatiGuy OneEyeIlluminatiGuy
7/23/2013 4:22 PM
mark.beaton.9 wrote:

chad kerley was the best ...more

4 posts totally a toll

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andyferly wrote: OneEyeIlluminatiGuy has spoken.
These bars are officially stupid.

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Nike iD Nike iD
7/23/2013 4:27 PM
mark.beaton.9 wrote:

chad kerley was the best ...more

I would agree because his 2 parts were my favorite, but some of that other stuff was pretty insane and arguably better.

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Soulrebelrastaman Soulrebelrastaman
7/23/2013 4:35 PM

Crazy moves, not sure if i like all that acrobatic park stuff, I got mad respect for it but you can hardly see whats going on they are moving so quick.

Great edit to watch tho, amazing what riders are doin nowadays. Mental manoeuvres.

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Topsey Topsey
7/23/2013 4:41 PM

Obviously most of you know this is not my style of riding but when you see things like bike flip, back flip, tail whips that's pretty intense! Triple Back Flip?! Some CRAZY shit went down in that video!

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Shadow2 Shadow2
7/23/2013 5:11 PM

the flair in the beginning...just wow it was fuckin insane man and ive seen most of the nitro circus ones but all the others just crazy

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andyferly andyferly
7/23/2013 5:19 PM

This video just says... BMX.

"Are they punkin' me Tio, are they punkin' me?"

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7/23/2013 7:10 PM

These all look like tricks straight out of Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 haha

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Jèff_Béckförd Jèff_Béckförd
7/23/2013 7:50 PM
Topsey wrote:

Oh & ignore the fact ...more

that's funny how you called him a butt hole.. i kinda like the guys style of riding, just a little bit, but from what i've seen in some vids, he's not the kinda fella i'd wanna hangout with, if we weren't just riding or some shit..

but yeah, that video's totally bananas!! some nasty shit going on there.. some parts i had to watch over and over, like wtf?!?!!

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G-LandRider G-LandRider
7/23/2013 8:39 PM

i think i just saw the future

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one try kid one try kid
7/23/2013 8:52 PM

a lot of insane tricks in there, but i have to be honest, i could not finish the whole video.

maybe it's not my cup of tea or I'm just a noob who can't appreciate technical park riding.

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bmxsteve99 bmxsteve99
7/23/2013 9:43 PM

i have to admit, that was the most mind blowing thing i have seen all summer

but, i would any day rather watch benny lewis on a flatbar than a bunch of park rats (not talking about the trail clips) have seizures midair

but still, my opinion, but still damn cool

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brianoob brianoob
7/23/2013 10:27 PM

Park rats are fucking insane and talented but I hate the style because its basically scooter style on a bike.

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BMX_Forever BMX_Forever
7/23/2013 10:46 PM

I know the kid that did the Bikeflip/Briflip Air thing on the red bike.

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Roqfan Roqfan
7/23/2013 11:07 PM
brianoob wrote:

Park rats are fucking ...more

Haha thats the stupidest thing Ive read so far bikes have been being park rats with that style since before scooters
Scooters copy the bikers park rat style period

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-Havok- -Havok-
7/24/2013 1:29 AM
brianoob wrote:

Park rats are fucking ...more

There are no words to accurately describe my level of disappointment after reading this. Lol.

There was some pretty insane tricks in there tho. I liked that first barspin tailwhip. Had to pause it over and over to watch it in slow-mo because he kicked the tailwhip before he even grabbed the bars. And coming from riding motocross, it's getting crazier and crazier the more I'm seeing the kiss of death and cliffhanger backflips. Plus the level of commitment required for a triple backflip is pretty crazy to think about as well. Most people land perfectly nose down on only a double, so I dunno what to say about adding another one in with only a split second for shits and giggles. Lol

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Life is a Dive Life is a Dive
7/24/2013 2:46 AM

Hey....that's me !
Insane flips man............

Gravity sucks

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