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Dylanyuen271 Dylanyuen271
2/10/2016 7:23 AM

Anyone know if there's different types of bases on tripod seats? Like how there's a couple for pivotal ones. If you look at the bottom of a federal pivotal seat vs a fiend morrow seat the two differ. Odyssey has the same type as the fiend one. It looks like a stronger design. Also does anyones tripod seat wiggle a tiny bit on the post?

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eskimojay eskimojay
2/10/2016 9:23 AM

Tripods have less angles you can put your seat on compared to a pivitol , I think it was basically created to get out of paying MacNeil royalties

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Coopers25 Coopers25
2/10/2016 9:33 AM
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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
2/10/2016 2:04 PM
eskimojay wrote:

Tripods have less angles ...more

LOL Always wondered about that

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