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D. Wit D. Wit
12/16/2013 2:13 PM

My friend want's to start riding but he is convinced that he is to heavy. Does anyone know of a good BMX bike that can hold his weight? He's 265 pounds.Thanks in advance.

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Fondue Fondue
12/16/2013 2:43 PM

Have him watch the Chubscout edit. As for a bike, something full chromoly.

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
12/16/2013 4:47 PM

Make sure he gets a good full chromoly complete ! A nice wheelset and cranks would go along way too.

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WhipTheFlow WhipTheFlow
12/16/2013 4:53 PM

find him a pair of primo powerbite cranks

don't overthink it just do it !

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blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa
12/16/2013 5:03 PM
WhipTheFlow wrote:

find him a pair of primo ...more


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bike check

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Effting Effting
12/16/2013 7:05 PM
Fondue wrote:

Have him watch the ...more

I was thinking this when I saw the title

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Collin_McClenahan Collin_McClenahan
12/16/2013 7:07 PM

I'm around 250 so he should be fine.

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OneGuyIlluminatiEye OneGuyIlluminatiEye
12/16/2013 7:40 PM

g-sport ribcage rims laced to g-sport marmoset front and ratchet rear with g-sport nipples and regular spokes

then again i have a friend around the same weight that rides rhyno lite xl ri. s no problem

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
12/16/2013 8:25 PM

I know a 300 lb guy from a skatepark that rode. haha he broke parts pretty often so like the next year i saw him his whole bike was like perfect because he needed strong parts. haha

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RiverSideRider RiverSideRider
12/16/2013 9:55 PM

This was when dfg was a little heavy and he fucking killed it. He lost weight and still shreds.


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D. Wit D. Wit
12/16/2013 10:30 PM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Make sure he gets a good ...more

You got a link you'd recommend?

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Fondue Fondue
12/17/2013 5:42 AM
Brayden_Buckingham wrote:

Make sure he gets a good ...more

D. Wit wrote:

You got a link you'd ...more

There are many to choose from, but I'm just going to suggest the Fit Mac 3.

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
12/17/2013 9:04 AM

I weighed 254 at my heaviest.

Tell him not to get the cheapest thing and he will be fine.

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sketchytravis sketchytravis
12/17/2013 4:54 PM

he'd be fine, ive seen mad heavy people ride, you just gotta go legit... have him get some 48 gsports and a full chromo frame

skooter... dont be a pussy

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