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James_Letten17 James_Letten17
6/27/2014 3:40 PM
Nike 6.0
A while back when they were still around, I noticed that 6.0 just kind of vanished

What was the deal with that?

Mirraco & Black Label
They definitely had a lower rep in BMX, and of course as we all know they definitely died out. But do you think if instead of leaving all together and just going away for good. Do you think they could have taken a break then took the time to build themselves back up, and become known in a "better light". Probably in ways where they could focus more on the whole "true bmx side of things", and not the "let's make bank" side of things? I for one actually liked Mirraco, and kind of did see that they were kind of losing it and had to get their shit together. I remember wanting to get a frame kit they had, and I actually still have a 2010 Mirraco No.7 which is actually a fairly decent bike from how it rides. Sadly the bike is in Brazil right now.

So the question about Mirraco & Black Label is. Do you think they could have gotten their shit together, and gave themselves another chance in the BMX world?

Link to the Mirraco Frame Kit I wanted (Picture only):

Welp, broke past 1000... yeeeee

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Stocksy Stocksy
6/27/2014 3:44 PM

I don't think Mirraco could have came back. I'm not hating, I'm just saying the people that didn't like Mirraco before would still be like "But it's made my Mirraco so I wouldn't trust it." They could have made things a little better but not by much.

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James_Letten17 James_Letten17
6/27/2014 3:51 PM
Stocksy wrote:

I don't think Mirraco ...more

Understandable, people will still be skeptical, but you could see companies from Eastern to Odyssey/Sunday trying to build a public confidence towards them.

Odyssey/Sunday has those Stampy test videos.

Eastern has shown the diagram about how they properly weld stuff I guess.

I have noticed that Mirraco did not necessarily make the nicest stuff, and some of them can have a fatty price tag.

Also, I have noticed that, especially with geometry, they mainly only moved the top tube length around, at least on completes. They did some other adjustments to completes as well, but they never necessarily improved on the product overall.

EDIT: I am referring to completes because that is a MAJORITY of their ENTIRE product line, aside from Black Label

Welp, broke past 1000... yeeeee

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
6/27/2014 4:00 PM

Mongoose is getting a rep back. Their Chamber bike is kick ass. And the mode 200.

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HardBMX_Tim HardBMX_Tim
6/27/2014 4:01 PM

My semi-pro friend (placed fourth competing against the Fit AM team two years back) has been riding a Mirraco Blend 3 for nearly 4 years now. He rides hard as fuck and replaces everything other than that damn frame every few months due to breaking them. So I guess Mirraco couldn't be THAT bad

Nike didn't want to fund 6.0 anymore I believe. Was a waste of money since they already had SB. Imo, majority of the 6.0s weren't all that nice anyway. I preferred SBs. Most of the 6.0s had a really ungrippy sole, kinda like ones Jordans and Air Max use.

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Topsey Topsey
6/27/2014 5:13 PM

I got a Mirraco Chocolate years ago & ended up not Riding it, so I gave it to My Friend. The Quality is really, REALLY poor compared to the competition! I got it for DIRT cheap, so I wasn't too bothered. But drilled for Gyro Tabs & then Bondo'd over? Uncapped Wishbone? Some really poor corner cutting! It's held up to a beginner learning Grinds though & it looks fantastic in the ED Purple & The Geo, although a little weird, is nice. It Rides well! He'll be replacing it with a BSD Forever V.2 pretty soon, getting His first ever custom (That I Didn't Pay For lol)

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Brayden_Buckingham Brayden_Buckingham
6/27/2014 9:20 PM

6.0 was sick but skateboarding and bmx are the same ( To Nike ) so it made sense to just turn it into SB , no 6.0 apparell sadly but SB is still dope and the Nike team stills goes on tons of trips.

Mirraco was an entry level bmx brand imo , just to get kids into BMX . They died and no one noticed.

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