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EisManX EisManX
10/28/2009 8:28 PM
cornholio wrote:

if your so paranoid that ...more

First of all, the people have to be informed and awake to take their government back, but instead their glued to the tube watching American Idol and playing Call Of Duty partying it up, while their government is partying it up with our freedoms and creating taxes for everything and anything. And asasinatin the prezidnt is going to help when majority of politicians are all one in the same. Obama promised us change, but did a complete 180 as soon as he took office. He has re-authorized Bush policies he said he would get rid of as soon as he took office. He has made promises that he went against in the first 6 months of his term, do you really think that's normal? I could start a list, but it bore you to death, so whats the point right.
It's all run by the ruling elite, we have this illusion of choice between Rep's and Dem's, but there is no difference, it's all a show.
You can get 20 different types of bagels and 40 different types cereal and 60 different cars in 10 different colors, but only 2 choices when it comes to Politics? THere's a third party called "Third Party", but do you see them on tv when it comes time to vote in a new prez? No, because they're not going to give them any airtime, and lobbyists with special interests arent going to pile millions of dollars onto them, because that wouldnt benefit their special interests.
In the end, it's all about money and power for these evil people, they dont give a shit about us, we're filth to them.

If you wanna know about the TRUTH of the country and world we live in, watch these videos.
9/11 Press for Truth by Families of the Victims
The Obama Deception
EndGame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement

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glub glub
10/29/2009 6:04 AM

if u guys dont like it dont post..

Biggest troll.

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