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Ridingismylifex1 Ridingismylifex1
8/11/2019 8:10 PM

I've ridden this hub a few times now. Having only ridden other's bikes with coasters and never actually had one on my bike, I can officially say I'm converted.

My last session on this thing was at the skatepark after our trail jam yesterday where I rode it the entire day at the trails. I've got a video comparing this to the Z Coaster and a normal Demolition coaster coming out tomorrow or Tuesday!

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sean_gillis sean_gillis
8/11/2019 8:37 PM

I think I’ll stick with my z coaster until I know it’s a good reliable hub. My z coaster has lasted me almost 3 years without any major issues. This thing has definitely caught my attention though.

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Fatalize Fatalize
8/12/2019 2:10 AM

Still waiting to see if you can actually do brakeless tailtaps reliably with this. I doubt it but it would be a cool test.

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Ridingismylifex1 Ridingismylifex1
8/12/2019 12:51 PM
Fatalize wrote:

Still waiting to see if ...more

Check the most recent video. We do a tire tap test in it

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