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swvabmxrider swvabmxrider
1/25/2012 4:54 PM

my friend filmed this video of me and my brother in about 30 minutes. you can tell. this is hoiw we get down on a warm evening in ol virginny

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FXAudioRage FXAudioRage
1/25/2012 5:00 PM

Looks like a slow day, but a grand ol' time.
BTW....I have the same seat (not important to point out, but yea)

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swvabmxrider swvabmxrider
1/25/2012 5:02 PM
FXAudioRage wrote:

Looks like a slow day, but ...more

Which one my animal or my brothers stolen? Haha yeah this is the 1st time we've been able to ride in a while because of weather.

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Brokenbmx Brokenbmx
1/25/2012 5:17 PM

decent, you guys need to throw some pegs on and abuse those ledges and rails. better flowing lines and better filming skills.

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swvabmxrider swvabmxrider
1/25/2012 5:25 PM
Brokenbmx wrote:

decent, you guys need to ...more

1) i normally have pegs but i took them off to learn crankarms, and my bro rides dirt most the time so he hates em 2) normally we're better i promise haha but today was just a feel good day and y friend was just messing around on the filming. thanks you for watching tho
side note those ledges are fun as hell too

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RiverSideRider RiverSideRider
1/25/2012 7:03 PM


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