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Gemini7673 Gemini7673
7/4/2018 10:29 AM

I'm so happy right now. smile

Okay granted, not the prettiest, not the highest and I didn't fakie out until my third attempt, but I bloody did it and it felt so cool!

Only downside to this tale is after a few more goes I twanged my back injury from bailing on a manual the other week. Nothing serious, but I will have to take it easy for a few more days. That said my confidence is growing and I now know what I have to do. Now to tidy it up and work on the height.

Once again, thanks for all the advice, tips and confidence building folks. You don't know what it means to me to be able to pull this shit out of the bag at 45 years of age. smile

Grow old, live young...

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Four Four
7/4/2018 10:36 AM

Congrats dude, it took me forever to get the damn fakie

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Gemini7673 Gemini7673
7/4/2018 10:54 AM
Four wrote:

Congrats dude, it took me ...more

Thanks, bro.

I actually found nailing the 180 more difficult than the fakie, but I think that had more to do with the bike looping out on the turn once the bike was about to go airborne, ergo it instilled some fear in me. My mistake was I was snapping the front up too hard, much higher than I can actually do for a regular bunny hop at my current level. On this attempt, however, I just carved right, focused on hoping at my usual height, turned my head at the right moment and boo-ya the fucking bike just came round with the momentum.

When I nailed the fakie third time in, (one single pedal turn), I almost pissed myself with joy! lol

Grow old, live young...

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4piecenorway 4piecenorway
7/4/2018 1:49 PM

Congrats! Im just learning it too i never been able too go more than 90 degrees but i randomly got 180 degrees now im tryng to not jump off when i land

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7/5/2018 4:31 PM

Congrats. I can spin 180 but I can't fakie at all. Maybe half a crank back, that's it.

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Ved_goswami Ved_goswami
7/6/2018 12:27 PM

Yeah man! I also find the 180 harder than the fakie. That said I don’t fakie for long

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SirCaseAlot SirCaseAlot
7/8/2018 10:55 PM

Hey, I've been learning 180s myself and landed a couple but they all felt like flukes really. Spinning has been really unnatural for me to learn.

I saw your post here, and went out the other night, got two 180s in a row! Cheers for the stoke.

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Helijames Helijames
7/9/2018 12:45 PM

I found that if I just did the short hop and spin thing, I wasn't able to fakie but I could do the roll-out/revert. To really fakie I have to pull up and rotate clean while landing in a position that is ready to fakie. When I do this, I have no choice but fakie really. I stay centered and land with the bars straight. If I want to pivot or slider out, I turn the bars the appropriate amount before I land. This helped me a bunch.

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readybmxer readybmxer
7/9/2018 1:08 PM

Yay! smile

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