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Sam_Kaye Sam_Kaye
10/26/2019 5:02 PM

Cant get a pry bar under and hammer won't work. Photo

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Sam_Kaye Sam_Kaye
10/26/2019 6:57 PM

Hello there

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sundaybmxRR sundaybmxRR
10/26/2019 7:13 PM
Sam_Kaye wrote:

Hello there

The angel from my nightmare

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Francky Francky
10/26/2019 7:44 PM

Grind them

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tempocyclist tempocyclist
10/26/2019 9:00 PM
Sam_Kaye wrote:

Hello there

sundaybmxRR wrote:

The angel from my ...more

The shadow in the background of the morgue

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Black Swamp Ghost Black Swamp Ghost
10/26/2019 9:05 PM

Cordless 18v angle grinder with a cutoff blade..

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readybmxer readybmxer
10/27/2019 1:43 AM

Bite them off.

Scooter kid trying to ride BMX.
Instagram: @scootereyn

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pnj pnj
10/27/2019 9:20 AM

you don't.

go to the skatepark and ride there.

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.pegless. .pegless.
10/27/2019 9:39 AM

How are they attached?

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p1p1092 p1p1092
10/27/2019 10:11 AM

If there's concrete underneath and no fasteners, they were most likely anchored into the concrete when it was cast, meaning you won't get them out. I've seen stoppers that are installed that way and they usually have at least a 4" anchor, although I have also seen some with as much as 8" anchors.

Edit: Something like these: [link]

My Sunday Soundwave V3 Build
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- grumpySteve

"Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!""
- Hunter S. Thompson

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Francky Francky
10/27/2019 10:30 AM

Btw what would you even do on that spot ? the thing is 3 inches high... or is that just perspective ?

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pnj pnj
10/27/2019 3:23 PM

it's a plastic bench. They are bolted on or glued on. VERY easy to remove but if the OP doesn't know this, he has no business defacing the benches.

and there is a cement skatepark in his town that allows bikes. he should go there.

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Dad_Im_Pregnant Dad_Im_Pregnant
10/28/2019 9:07 AM

I've removed my fair of stoppers in my days of riding and skating, but removing from a flat-ledge is kind of dumb.

Flat-ledges are all over the place, just find a different one.

Come back with a warrant.

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Bulletpup Bulletpup
10/28/2019 12:58 PM

I agree, unless this bench is 8ft or longer I dont feel its worth the possibility of getting busted. Id just do some stalls on it, personally.

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WiteMic WiteMic
10/28/2019 1:40 PM

#bmx They cap a ledge. I Feeble to Smith over the skate stop. Fuck them... Fuck this ledge though. It's slanted and made me fall.

19 Likes, 5 Comments - John Zalewski (@witemic) on Instagram: "#bmx They cap a ledge. I Feeble to Smith over the skate stop. Fuck them... Fuck this ledge though...."

Gonna keep it real. Grind over them shits. Looks better.
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Cellmember Cellmember
10/28/2019 2:02 PM

You could use the crowbar on your head ? Might work better.

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