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SoCalShreds SoCalShreds
8/7/2019 9:10 PM

Ride is dead...ish.

Vital and TCU both barely have a pulse from riders under the age of 20.

I was listening to Dennis Enarson's Unclicked podcast with Tony Ennis, and they were talking a bit in there about how much Instagram has changed BMX media. The pro's of it being so easy now for any and everyone to film compared to the old days. The con's, many riders are going to Instagram for the BMX media fixin' now. Being "old," I still have it ingrained in me to go to Vital first for BMX content. But also I think a lot of "tier two" pros are putting a lot of stuff just straight to IG instead of stacking 2 minutes of clips from a few sessions for a little park edit (like there used to be tons of on here). There used to be CONSTANT media coming through these main media hubs, but IG especially has stolen a lot of the thunder.

What are your thoughts? Am I blowing this out or proportion? Or is it legit?

Disclaimer: I don't have an instagram, but I HAVE noticed a sizable change in how much riding content this site posts, and ESPECIALLY in how much member interaction there is with the content that is posted and in the forums.

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Icant180 Icant180
8/7/2019 10:48 PM

Riders post instagram clips that are good enough to be edit bangers on a daily basis, I could understand why people would mainly use it to watch clips. For full length edits you kind of have to go online, instagram has previews of edits but not much more. Coverage of competitions is better from sources other than instagram. It's good for publicity for the sport, but I feel like it takes a lot of the heart and soul out of it. I remember looking forward to the cinematic masterpieces that were the norm for bmx edits from big companies, and now a lot of it is just tacky zooming with a random timelapse/slomo clip and bad music. It may be less profitable for them to make these edits because they receive less traffic on them compared to instagram, despite a much higher cost to produce. Either way, I think Instagram has put a dent in the actual investment the average rider has in the sport, almost lessening the connection to having a good time with the homies. Everybody just wants to be really good now

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readybmxer readybmxer
8/7/2019 11:20 PM

In a way, for sure. I too despise those trendy clips with incomprehensible music and replaying the clip over and over but slower each time. But there's no doubt that IG has taken the stage a bit more.

That's just how the media works now, not just in BMX. In scootering, riders are being kicked off teams because they don't "promote [brand name] enough on a regular basis" on their Instagram accounts, specifically. These are coming from OG pros who are older and want to film video parts, not daily IG clips. Simply put, if you don't adapt, your time's up. It's sad, really.

I recall someone started a thread a long time back about them finding a list of "to-do's" that sponsored riders should abide by to represent a company. Something like posting often and/or tagging the company they ride for, like a mini ad so their followers will see the brand every time they scroll down.

I definitely wish it wasn't this way either. I remember when BSD announced they were making a full-length DVD back in 2016, and I was so unbelievably excited, the wait felt incredibly long, but when it dropped, it was EPIC. Seems like it'll be a while until something like that happens again. Much nicer to see, like you said, the cinematic masterpiece of hard work other than bangers on IG, even though some IG videos are insane.

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8/8/2019 5:17 AM

If we look at the bigger picture here we’ll see that every industry/subculture moves with the trends and BMX is not different. Instagram is where a lot of it’s happening right now and for BMX as well.

I come from the punk rock scene and the music industry and it’s the same conversations there as well.
How ever it’s important to remember that none of the old stuff needs to die because of that, if we want full length DVDs and so on we just need to keep buying them and support the people behind it.

I’m touring a lot with my band and sell more vinyl than CD or Spotify streams because the punk scene wants and supports the format.
We can do that in BMX as well and keep them “old” full lengths coming!

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adamnmexican adamnmexican
8/8/2019 6:29 AM

yes it has. along with youtube. why even bother selling a video if you're going to put it on youtube for free later? companies should avoid putting riding clips on social media. Maybe a riding picture now and again, but no video. MAKE people actually buy dvd's (or pay for download at least)

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falloftroy20 falloftroy20
8/8/2019 7:07 AM

i don't really think its that big of a deal. we live in the era of decentralization any kid can record a song or film himself doing a BMX trick and upload it. a lot of it is shit but the I guess the idea is that the general public gets to decide what's poppin and whats not this way. the world is changing. personally though, i do miss the era of putting in work and filming a dope street edit instead of just throwing up a 30 second clip of some park bangers, that gets really boring after a while.

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OneGuyIlluminatiEye OneGuyIlluminatiEye
8/8/2019 11:04 AM

I would have to say Instagram has probably helped Bmx become significantly more popular throughout the world

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.pegless. .pegless.
8/8/2019 12:37 PM

I think insta clips are cool. But that shouldn’t be what defines a rider. Most riders work on regular edits, with most of what goes on insta being an alternate angle or throwaway clip. Brands make ad revenue from YouTube, so posting stuff regularly on there makes sense. And for the most part, that’s what they do.
Then you get brands like S&m that are following the trends, but not making money from it (other than advertising their own brand) by posting whatever they want and not getting ad revenue (due to bad language and copyright infringements). But they’ve also released a couple of full length DVD’s in the past couple of years.

It’s the “I want it now” instant gratification culture of today.

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spoon spoon
8/9/2019 1:49 AM
readybmxer wrote:

In a way, for sure. I too ...more

what a fag move, but then again, scooter riders will be scooter riders.

its prawns, not shrimp idiot

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meatXloaf meatXloaf
8/9/2019 8:20 AM
readybmxer wrote:

In a way, for sure. I too ...more

spoon wrote:

what a fag move, but then ...more

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a lot of BMX companies that are the same. Instagram is incomprehensibly huge, if you don’t keep up with constant posts then it’s very easy to be passed by and all of a sudden become, for want of a better term, irrelevant. Riders nowadays are essentially living advertisements. And if you don’t have an online presence especially as a large majority don’t compete in anyway so therefore aren’t on TV and magazines are well and truly dead. I guess you’re not really of any use to a company who could pay someone else who will do all the Instagram posts etc.

Not in anyway saying it’s right, but you can see the logic behind it.

On the flip side, on a far more positive note! with social media you can keep in contact with people all over the world, friends that have moved away etc. There’s an infinite source for inspiration, and constantly seeing something new isn’t a bad thing, just means that the old excitement behind a video coming out has kinda disappeared.

At the end of the day it is what it is. Give it 10/15 years when god know what is the latest thing, we’ll probably all be wishing we had the good old days of Instagram back again!

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SoCalShreds SoCalShreds
8/10/2019 7:19 PM
meatXloaf wrote:

I wouldn’t be surprised if ...more

This is a good point, and it reminds me of what Broc Raiford said in his episode of Dennis Enarson's "Unclicked" podcast. The just if what he said was that he blew up his knee super bad, and wasn't able to ride for a good 6 months due to surgery and rehabbing it. But Dennis was saying that it was almost "a secret", as Broc never made it public knowledge, and continued to post riding related stuff on IG every few days of random phone clips he had stacked just to stay relevant.

Some may hate on this and think it is real sell-outish, not exactly honest or whatever-but the fact of the matter is that this is HIS JOB! Staying relevant is being a good team player for all his sponsors as well. I think that is a serious perk of social media these days for BMX pro's.

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ambisketcherous ambisketcherous
8/15/2019 4:48 PM

Requirements? Standards?! We’re artists, not jocks and what’s going on here is beyond your comprehension so stop looking at me even though I really need you to see what I’m doing

account here is less about my and more about bike

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Spenlard Spenlard
8/16/2019 8:09 PM

Yup. Remember buying bmx DVD's back in the day. I doubt those sell for shit now. But soft goods etc sell better than ever because of all the media options companies can use. Advertising is easier than ever, but the classic DVD edits seem dead. Last DVD I bought was some Volume joint

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Northeastern25 Northeastern25
8/18/2019 1:34 AM

I didn’t ride or keep up bmx from 2006 until earlier this year. Im working on a movie about this kind of, but there is Challenger magazine that Id suggest you’d get a subscription to. Not sure about anything else that exists in print.

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bobPA bobPA
8/18/2019 2:20 PM

Crawl speed smith grinds from six different angles while some shitty sound cloud rapper mumbles about weed is not my style of BMX....but it seems to be paying the bills for a lot of people.

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eskimojay eskimojay
8/18/2019 2:56 PM

Instagram is great , kohl Denney is proof of that

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SoCalShreds SoCalShreds
8/18/2019 2:56 PM
Spenlard wrote:

Yup. Remember buying bmx ...more

I still buy DVD's, and I think a lot of older "core" riders do too. I just picked up the Disco Stew DVD and watched it yesterday.

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blaaaaaaaaa blaaaaaaaaa
8/18/2019 7:48 PM

I made a dvd last year and had 100 copies made. Sold it for $5 and sold out pretty fast. Plenty of crews and companies still put out full length projects. Print is more dead but there are still smaller zines and the ocasional book and such. I think there is room for both. But i do think it is kinda lame when people never film for anything other than instagram, not my style.

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
8/19/2019 5:00 AM
.pegless. wrote:

I think insta clips are ...more

That last sentence is 99% of it.

"It’s the “I want it now” instant gratification culture of today."

It's a good and bad thing, depending on your angle.

Good as the consumer-you get to see fresh stuff constantly, and can see it from more and more people all the time.

Bad as the former distributors of the content-magazines, video companies etc. Props is an example. They were HUGE for a long time as one of the biggest "news" outlets in BMX. Online kinda took over, it became free almost everywhere, and those types of options dwindled down to very little.

I too would love to see the old setup of waiting for a full length, then watching is 500 times in a month cause it is bonkers return more often.

But this is where BMX is, and likely will sit for a long time.

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m6z m6z
8/19/2019 2:28 PM

I can't remember the last time I bought a magazine or a DVD. I bet it's been 5 years or so.

Almost all of that info is available on the phone that's in my pocket and that's true for a majority of people.

New products, latest TV, movies, etc.

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meatXloaf meatXloaf
8/19/2019 10:51 PM
.pegless. wrote:

I think insta clips are ...more

dave lawrence wrote:

That last sentence is 99% ...more

I would happily pay a monthly subscription, and I’m sure a lot of other older riders would too, If say props, dig or ride were too release a DVD (could be digital download also) and/or magazine quarterly or something. Of course it will be stuff you’ve seen before on Instagram, that’s just the nature of the beast now! But there is still something special about getting a well put together bike video, nothing gets me stoked to ride more! But if we were to subscribe and effectively pay for it in advance, it would take the risk away from their end. It’ll likely never happen but was just an idea!

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