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mattlrdude mattlrdude
2/27/2010 6:38 AM

My starnut compression broke and i was wondering what is a the most common fork size 1 inch or 1 inch and 1/8

Bmx for life Man!

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Harry95 Harry95
2/27/2010 6:39 AM

1 1/8 for freestyle bikes

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devyn devyn
2/27/2010 6:43 AM

are you reffering to the compression bolt that came with your forks?
if so just go to and type in fork bolts under the search engine.

the stolen one sucks. ive seen it strip
go with the fly one or the tree

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mattlrdude mattlrdude
2/27/2010 7:40 AM

no just the star nut

Bmx for life Man!

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