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ferthebirdz ferthebirdz
2/13/2009 8:04 PM

Thinking about getting a freecoaster... Any suggestions? Also what do they meen when they have a slack adjuster to increase or decrease slack due to your riding .... Whatta they meen slack. Slack on what? Not familiar with freecoasters sorryyy. Any info would be schweeet thanks!

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easternaos2012 easternaos2012
2/13/2009 8:06 PM
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2/13/2009 8:15 PM

i personally don't like the freecoasting style and it for me is harder to balance on. the video is pretty old the slack as you learned most likely is due to the disengaging thing going on... any way if you are looking to get into it stolen has a new freecoaster that they say by the time you turn or pivot or hop to get back to riding formard it will already be engaged and will eliminate the slack.

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Freecoastin Freecoastin
2/13/2009 9:07 PM

slack is referring to the gap in your pedals before it actually engages. More slack, more of a gap.

You want a medium amount of slack at the least so when your riding fakie and you tap forwards a bit your cranks wont engage. Having your cranks engage while going fakie is really really bad for the freecoaster, i know from personal experiance.

My knees hate me for it.

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easternconspiracybmx easternconspiracybmx
2/13/2009 9:22 PM

i dont recomend getting a freecoaster there annoying, hard to keep your balance, hard to mantain, expensive, and heavy i wouldnt get one

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JustRideBMX JustRideBMX
2/13/2009 9:26 PM
easternconspiracybmx wrote:

i dont recomend getting a ...more

freecoasters are 3-6 ozs heavier than cassets
not that heavy

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